Why the good ones quit their jobs to go to work for someone else

There is so much choice when looking for someone to fill a position but it sometimes seems that all the good ones are taken. And when you find a good one, it can be devastating when they drop you for another company.

Why do good employees quit?
Good employees are good because they have talent and know how to use it to their and the companies advantage. They get noticed as top performers but are less likely to be satisfied with a bad situation. And so as achievers they know what they want and will follow a path that will take them to where they want to go, it just may not be with you or your company.

It’s not the job it’s you
Even the best job and company will lose its appeal if there is a bad manager in charge. Bad managers are not necessarily incompetent, otherwise they wouldn’t have achieved their position, but lack some skills that are now required to keep a good worker. Good employees need quality communication, recognition, to be challenged and allowed to grow.
To keep a good employee a manager needs to be a mentor, teacher and coach.

Too many hours and not enough time
The problem with having someone who is really efficient and gets results, is that it is all too easy to keep loading their plate. There is this phrase – “if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy”. The problem with this is that, there is a fine line between stretching someone and overloading them. Someone who feels overwhelmed will look for ways to ease the burden.
You will get better results if people are not overworked and exhausted but still expected to work all hours at the office.

The company is your all and everything
If there is an expectation that employees are required to drop everything that is important to them to serve the interests of the company, they will begin to feel like they are nothing but cogs in a big wheel (or meat in a meat grinder).
Give opportunities to grow and develop so that employees see a future in your company and want to find a place in your company that inspires them.

Rewarding the wrong people
Nothing breaks morale and trust like giving the recognition to the wrong or undeserving people. And nothing boosts morale and trust like giving the reward to the right people. Recognition comes in many forms and even a simple job-well-done pat on the back should never be underestimated. Don’t miss any opportunities to recognise an employee’s efforts and always do it as publically as possible.

Good employees are not needles in a haystack
Everyone, deep down wants to feel special and be recognised. Sometimes it takes more to lift certain people up and we tend to develop favourites that we like, or would rather work with. If the workplace is geared to recognising and developing peoples strengths there will be far more ‘good employees’ working for your company.

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