What to do at Intundla

What to do at Intundla Black Bass Fishing at its Best

What to do at Intundla besides the obvious which is, of course, a lot of relaxation!

If you haven't visited Intundla yet, then what you need to know is that the Lodge is built around a magnificently beautiful dam. This dam is truly something to behold and looks different every single day. So for one thing, you will never get tired of the views at Intundla, from your room, from the pool and bar area next to the dam, or from the exquisite Bush Spa. But the dam isn't only for viewing and once you get hooked on the fishing... (mind the pun)

Black Bass Fishing at Intundla What a Catch!

Think about those lazy summer days, drink in hand, just taking life easy. Well, we know just how to make that happen for you, and we can do even better than that. We'll also give you a helping hand (not literally) with your fishing.

Here are some tips we've picked up from some very (and some not so) experienced fisherman. Promise no fishing stories!

Firstly get the wind on your face. Bass always swim with the current, so it’s better for them to find your bait before they find your boat. (or canoes are excellent for this job)

Blunt hooks won't cut it because Bass are boney jawed devils.

Make sure your worms have had a beating and they'd be more likely to be spotted as bait for the Bass, but leave a little fight in them to work as proper ambush material.

Don't give up! Hey sometimes you're in the right spot, with perfect bait, just keep at it! The best bass fishing in Gauteng is just a fishes strike away!

We have some awesome Holiday Weekend Specials but Book your Bass Fishing Accommodation Now or this might just be the ONE that got away!

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