Wedding Venue Trends for 2014

As the New Year gets underway the expectations for this year have begun to take shape. So as you leaf through your stack of wedding mags, taking clippings for the possible wedding venues, wedding themes, wedding dresses and other wedding ideas – Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria takes a look at some of the top wedding picks for 2014.

Top Wedding ideas for a stunning event

Capture the inner fairy princess with a whimsical wedding
A whimsical wedding is fun playful and full of surprises, drawing it’s inspiration from medieval icons (think Maid Marion from Robin Hood) and fantasy (think Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings). The bride’s hair is long and flowing, teased with a loose curl and adorned with a floral crown or dramatic veil. The dress is bohemian using natural fibres, soft and feminine.
The décor follows the faun from the forest theme with flower wreathes, floral arches and hand crafted knick-knacks.
Intundla wedding venue has a beautiful chapel, boma and is ideally suited to moving closer to nature.

Bring back the style of a golden oldie
Popular period movies and TV series have reintroduced the style and fashion of days gone by. The movie The Great Gatsby and the series Downton Abby have made it easy for Brides to visualise their wedding with stylish tones, classic cars, vintage music, polished silverware and white gloved servants.

Check your phone at the door please
With the trend moving to natural settings and places with charm and character it follows that you don’t want to drown out the bird song with the electronic chirps of text messages being sent and delivered. So have a cell phone check or request that guests use them to take pics only!

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