Wedding traditions have not always been so glamorous

Weddings provide the perfect stage for the bride to create her wedding fantasy. Wedding venues and wedding service providers are all well versed in assisting the bride or wedding planner to make this special day a dream come true. However, some of the traditions that are normal today had some pretty strange beginnings.

Finding the bride

In ancient times the grooms men would help the groom find his future wife. The woman in question was usually blissfully unaware of these attentions right up to the moment when she was kidnapped.

Once you have her…

The best kidnapper award of the day went to the grooms man who captured the girl. This Casanova gone wrong was elevated to become the best man.

Meanwhile at the bachelor party…

The celebrations on this evening were to mark the groom’s last night of freedom. Something the bride was experiencing a lot more acutely at the future in-laws.  This may be why some in-laws are still considered as out-laws!

Don’t keep the groom waiting at the altar

The bride accompanied the groom down the aisle on the groom’s left hand side so he could fend off any attacks from other grooms men looking to be the best man at someone else’s wedding. Although, the bridesmaids did provide a handy ready-to-get-kidnapped-and-married decoys if these grooms men couldn’t snag the bride.
The tradition of the groom waiting for the bride at the altar is a statement from the groom that the bride comes to be married of her own free will. Except in the case of an arranged marriage where the father of the bride walked his daughter down the aisle to make sure the wedding went ahead.

And finally be prepared to fend off the nasty spirits

The bride’s bouquet was made from garlic and herbs to ward off evil spirits and vampires. The tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold was to prevent demons from assaulting the bride when the happy couple entered their home for the first time as man and wife.

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