Wedding jitters – is it all just in your head?

The big day looms, all the wedding planning has been done and soon it will be show time! This is where the nerves begin to jangle and we may begin to look for a plausible exit strategy or two. Not acting on the devised get away plan and showing up for the big day is normal as is the wedding jitters themselves.

Reality bites
The wedding bliss dream gets more and more reality injected into it as the bride and groom come to closer to tying the knot. This is understandable as they are under immense pressure and stress leading up to the wedding. So it is natural that there will be a few chinks in the veneer, some irritation and tension in the air and even the odd heated exchange.  It is important to remember who you two are and the reasons for getting married before you both became temporarily unhinged by the wedding preparations.

Losing the singular to become a plural
Even if you have been together or engaged for years it is natural to fear for the impending loss of your ‘single status’. All those things you could have done if you wanted to but never did and now can’t because you are getting married. Remember that if you never got to it when you were single, it probably would never have happened anyway. So there is no reason now to morn it’s loss.

Performance anxiety
Standing up in front of your peers and professing your love formally at church and then again at the reception, will have most people drenched in nervous sweat.  Public speaking is considered more terrifying than dying by some. And so you may well feel like your life is ending or wish it was. With a bit of luck you will say all the right words, everyone will praise your speech and you will have to watch the video to recover from the performance induced amnesia. Oh and don’t worry about the wedding night.
Remember that our ancestors had it worse when the wedding had to be consummated in front of the family.

Word to the wise
If you are having pre-wedding jitters, don't share this with your intended. Within the emotionally charged existence leading up to the wedding your confession may be very badly received. Rather find a calm person, wise person to confide your pre-wedding anxieties with.

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