Wedding Favour Flavours

Party (wedding) favours used to be reserved for wealthy European aristocrats only but are these days considered the norm at any wedding. (And it may even be frowned upon if there aren’t any favours for your guests!)

Originally these aristocrats would gift each of their guests with a bonbonniere – a small box of crystal, porcelain or other precious stone containing sugar lumps.Soon the most common favour became almonds, even to the general public, which then turned to sugared almonds. This gift is said to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health & happiness and the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

But it has been a long time since almonds were trendy…

There is a big variety of modern wedding favours, and each bride (I can assure you) wants to be unique, even with these little gifts.


From champagne flutes, tiny eats in the form of chocolates, fudge or Turkish delight, a candle, a brooch or other trinket. The favour may either be a safe-keep to remind your guests of your big day or a simple “thank you for joining us”. Decide what it is you want to convey – should it last a long time, or is it for immediate enjoyment?

So many options!

Examples of gifts to serve as a reminder include engraved champagne flutes, scented candle with a special design, music compilation of songs that you danced to at the reception.

Quick treats that wow include handcrafted cookies, macaroons, or a simple glass jar filled with candy.

Make sure, though, that it suits your style/theme.

Whatever you decide on, don’t keep them in the back room for later – you will probably spend a considerable time on perfecting them, so why not include them in your table setting or décor. They’ll brighten up your wedding & the hearts of your guests!

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