Wedding Altars

From beautifully draped altars, traditional chapels and naturally rustic outdoor canopies, there are plenty of ways to create a gorgeous backdrop for your vows. Put an extra twist in the knot you'll be tying with these beautiful wedding altars. The wonderful thing about these wedding altars is that they can be created and fashioned in no time. Intundla Wedding Venue just outside Pretoria is the perfect location for your dream wedding. Our in-house Wedding Coordinators will make your dream wedding a reality.



Natural wood with white flowers. This along with the natural surrounds at Intundla Game Lodge makes for a picture perfect wedding.

Below are a few variations of the Natural altar look.


Make use of existing natural beauty to enhance the look of your Wedding Ceremony. You would be surprised at how romantic you can make your ceremony décor, just by draping materials, scattering flowers and adding a few elements, like an old bicycle, door and window frames, words, and other rustic elements.

Use materials that are soft, flowing and sheer, for a more romantic effect. Flowers can be used as ties around the drapes, or suspended from the framework and looks beautiful on a green lawn scattered in a pattern.

If you want a more traditional wedding Intundla has a beautiful chapel that can be decorated with your choice of décor. Talk to our wedding coordinators about all the options for your idyllic wedding at Intundla.

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