Using Workshops to Achieve your Company Objectives

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Andre Gide

Change is inevitable. For most companies the question isn’t whether or not there will be change, but whether or not the employees will buy into the new vision of the company. There is often resistance to change even when the new vision is clearly the best path for the future and the company. This can lead to low staff morale, poor customer service and missing the opportunity of achieving greatness as a team. To get your team to buy into your vision you need to build their trust, communicate your vision clearly, get their input, define their roles and make them feel like they are an integral part of the company’s success.

How to Engage your Employees in your Vision

The Power of Empathy
You have a clear vision now all you need to do is get your team on board. First you need to understand the Power of Empathy.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – John C. Maxwell

Change brings with it a lot of anxiety, along with many concerns and doubts about how it will affect them. If people feel you are listening to their concerns they will be more willing to trust you and to align with your vision.

Set up meetings where concerns can be voiced and involve all members in coming up with possible solutions.

Workshops can also be a very effective method in educating employees on how to adapt to change. It can lift morale and make people feel like the company is investing in them as part of the transition process. This will raise their self-confidence and ease their concerns.

Create Excitement
To build on those positive feelings make sure you keep up the communication. In communicating an inspiring vision to employees, the secret lies in the details. Provide your team with a detailed outline of how the company intends to achieve this goal.

Another strategy is to hold voluntary workshops on innovation and creativity. The more you can get your team involved in brainstorming the path to success, the more you will be able to get them connected both at the head and the heart.

Keep employees engaged through frequent performance reviews, set achievable short-term goals and keep them informed of the progress on a regular basis.

Share your vision frequently through staff meetings, outings, newsletters, emails, text messages, even using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Establish New Procedures
With workshops you can involve your employees in translating the company’s new vision into everyday procedures. This will ensure they maintain a sense of control and will boost their commitment.

Make sure you follow through with report backs from team leaders as well as the employees that are at the coal face. Encourage constructive debate. Be adaptable, you can’t expect your team to buy into change if you’re not willing to be flexible on how best to achieve those goals.

Keep an open ear and mind, setting up new processes take time and need constant monitoring and adjustment.

Reward Engagement and Success
Explain the rewards of achieving the company goals. This doesn’t have to be limited to salary increases or stock options. Communicate the opportunities that will open up once the company objectives are achieved.

Measure and Reward. Set small bite-sized targets and make sure to celebrate them along the way. Provide incentives. Recognize success.

Expect the best of people. People thrive when trusted and relied upon.

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