What NOT to do the night before your wedding

This is a tough one – with all that still seems to need attention, the expectations (and copious amounts of free advice and input) from the close family – what you do or don’t do on the eve of your wedding could cast a shadow on the next day’s celebrations. So keep your calm, poise and above all your sanity by following these tips.

Don’t change the plans
The nerves will be spiking the night before the big day and your ability to make any rational decisions will be taking a sabbatical from all the current chaos. Trust that your plans were made when you were in a saner state of mind and resist the urge to change the seating plan, décor, vows, etc.

Don’t try to commit anything to memory

The night before the wedding your mind will be very distractible and will skip from one track to another seemingly at random, like an old CD or record you dug up from when you were still single. Trying to memorise guest names, their peculiar habits or requests, or even your wedding vows will just lead to frustration.

Don’t succumb to peer pressure
The anticipated joy and excitement and mental state of mind (see above) will make you more susceptible to suggestions from your peers. Their comments and ‘helpful’ suggestions will have you tied in knots if you lend your ear to a relative or friend for too long… Like confessing to some infraction, feeling or secret or trying all manner of ‘home remedies’ to get rid of a blemish or spot.

Don’t party too hard

We all know that trying to function on a hangover and very little sleep the day after is no fun. Ideally, the groom and bride should have had their fun on their bachelor(etts) parties. So avoid bleary looks and bloodshot eyes in the wedding photo album by taking it easy and having an early night.

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