Things you don’t expect on your big day

So, you’ve just spent months, if not years, planning this day. You’ve found the perfect partner, you’re SO in love – your big day has arrived!

Your wedding will probably be all you had hoped it will be, and so much more, but, after all, is said & done, you may feel a little – disappointed…? Here are some reality checks, just to let you know you are not alone.

You will probably miss out on a whole lot of things.

Your wedding day is all about you. You will be taking the most beautiful photographs in your gorgeous outfits, you will be talking and interacting with all your guests. And while this is happening, other things are happening too!

Most couples choose to serve an entrée to their guests while they are off modelling in front of the camera, but we don’t always think about the fact that you won’t be there.

Keep this in mind: Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and unity shared with all your guests. It is important for your guests to enjoy themselves throughout – even if you have to catch up on all the stories after your honeymoon.

You will be tired!

You’d probably been too excited to sleep properly the night before, had been up early enjoying a big breakfast and all the pampering. Nap time will not happen, and by the time you’re having dinner with your guests, you are either exhausted or running on adrenaline already.

Keep this in mind: Enjoy the ride while you can! And when you are done partying, joyfully depart on your own terms.

Do not plan a long drive to your first night’s stay-over, and don’t build up major expectations of your wedding night – fatigue might win this battle, but this should not be the cause of disappointment for either of you.

Now, breathe – it’s all good. You’re not alone

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