Team Strategy Day The Great Escape for Successful Dynamics

Team Strategy Day The Great Escape

Team Strategy Day The Great Escape

Team Strategy Day The Great Escape. It is tough doing the same thing over and over, every day. Still stay focused and energised. Even if you have a very exciting job. Which offers different nuances on a daily basis. You will still get environment or office fatigue.

New Dynamics Fresh Strategy

The main idea behind the Great Escape is that the leader and the team use this day out to experience new dynamics. Something completely different from the norm, which they can take back to the office. A fresh dynamic and brand new strategy. The best way to achieve this is by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Going into a relaxed environment and getting to know your team mates on a more personal level.

Clarify your Goals

It is important to decide beforehand what your main goal for the Great Escape is. For example, if the goal of the day is to encourage all team members to be more participative. Then it would be helpful to get everyone's ideas about the structure of the day's proceedings during the planning process. If the goal is to clarify roles and responsibilities. You need to be very clear about this in the preparation of the day, and of course on the day itself.

Encourage New Dynamics

Be careful not to let the team’s old dynamics limit or influence the new dynamics that you are trying to create. For instance, some of your team might be prone to not speak up and challenge others inside the office environment. They will probably do so even on your great escape. This is why you need a strategy on your day out. Encourage them to discuss and debate with others on their perspectives. Then you are forming a new dynamic in the process.

Choose Team Building Activities that Build

The type of activity you choose matters. You want an activity that actually builds the team. Intundla offers many such team building activities. One that genuinely builds a sense of interdependence and collaboration is cooking a meal together. And then eating it together as a group. Our potjiekos competition in the Boma at Intundla is designed for this purpose.  This might sound primitive. But when people gather and cook together. And then also share a meal together. They become allies rather than adversaries.

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