Team Players – see yourself from the perspective of an expert.

As a facilitator of team building activities at Teamiac, I’m often faced with looking at the team as collective before kicking off an event. This is usually when I scan the room and look for the character types that I will encounter. Here’s a humorous overview from my perspective on the diverse types that make up a team.

What character / team player are you?

The Tjop – The okie that always knows best, the “been there, sweated all over that T-shirt kind.” We all know his sort the “don’t hate the player, hate the game type.” He is usually the juice bunny with too much testosterone pulsing through his veins, always quick to chirp with sharp sarcastic wit that’s laced with sexual innuendo.

The Smoker  – Smokers usually have an attitude of “Ja, ja I’m happy to do it as long as I can smoke or know when my next smoke break will be.” They tend to be very jovial and social until you push the smoke break out.

The Dopper – She is the one party chick that every company has.  The die-hard cheerleader type, who will match you Jagermeister for Jagermeister. The chick that is always “just fine” to drive home (said in the customary drunken slur with one intently focussed eye open).

The Cynic – (my personal favourite to put into place) The cynic of the team, will sit with arms crossed and look all aloof and disinterested. They love to roll their eyes in distain while yawing and appearing bored…. Oscar Wilde once said … “a true cynic knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing”. Just saying…

The Whinger – once again every team has this player… the one that no one can please, even if it’s a 5 star venue, they like to grumble because they have become professional moaners… I don’t like the venue very much, the water was over boiled, it’s too hot, the toilet roll was only 1ply, blah, blah, blah.

The Introvert – “Omigosh, please, please don’t pick me, just put it out there….. ummmm… I am a white spot on a white wall, I don’t want to present, I hate public humiliation, I want to be anywhere but here. If I keep my head down and my mouth shut I might just go unnoticed.” Phew! Smile and wave … grin and bear it … that wasn’t so bad after all.

The High Fiver – Whoop, Whoop type. This player usually has a positive “can do” attitude, the almost “charismatic” type of devotion needed to spur on team spirit and camaraderie. These characters usually jump at tasks and are very hands on with willing eagerness. We love this type!

So, now for the tough question: Which player are you? Honestly now…How does your personality bring value to your team? Check out for some excellent team building events.

Written by Hazy Bee




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