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Team building for resourcefulness gives you the competitive edge

When we think about what we want from a Team Building Activity, it is usually in terms of our existing team’s situation, such as increased productivity, or better communication. But why not aim higher and go for building a resourceful team?  Resourcefulness is arguably the most useful and important trait for a team to have, especially in times of recession or high competition. A resourceful team is driven, innovative and committed to working together in pursuit of success.

Leveraging possibilities
A resourceful team is able to approach a situation with an open mind and positive attitude. Change is embraced and opportunities are identified and value is found in people and suggested ideas.

Confident and capable
A resourceful team is built on the back of achievements. Through achieving, they are confident in their abilities to tackle any situation. They know their strengths and weaknesses and are capable of using both to their advantage.

Positive solvers
Being self-assured, solutions are forthcoming and are more likely to be creative or simply ingenious. Going into a situation believing that a positive solution will be found, ensures that it is only a matter of time before the best solution comes to light.

Carpe diem
There is never a perfect moment to seize the day. If we wait for everything to be perfect then we will undoubtedly have to wait forever. A resourceful team will create the perfect moment from an imperfect situation.

At Intundla there are a multitude of Team Building Activities that will help you develop a resourceful team. Our raft building challenge or the float a car challenge are ideal for teaching teams that they are capable of achieving extraordinary results from a few simple tools.

Need a competitive edge?

Come to Intundla and start building a resourceful team

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