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Team building Activities you can do to get the most from your Conference

No company can really get away without having at least a few Conferences a year. We need Meetings to discuss new developments, plan and strategize to achieve better results, to review past company results and to look at trends, introducing new members to a team, just to name a few. But it is getting the most from your Conference or Meeting that is important. Getting our Teams to work and collaborate effectively. A healthy Team is highly motivated, and share values that help the team, the individuals, and the organisation as a whole.

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Here are 3 Team Building Exercises you can do during your next Conference to build a better rapport between your team members and increase the cohesiveness and productivity. These exercises are designed to be short and easy to do so that they can be done before, during or after your Conference or Meeting.

Hula Hoop Competition
The competition starts with 3 to 5 contestants competing against each other in the first round and then have a “hoop off” where the winners compete for the champion spot. This may sound silly but promotes spontaneity, laughter and fun, which is a good recipe for building great team spirit and stimulate creative thinking.

Paper Tearing Game
Participants each get a sheet of A4 paper and have to close their eyes during the exercise. As the instructor you have to participate along and pause after each instruction to give everyone a chance to complete the action. Here are the basic directions – Fold your sheet of paper in half, tear off the upper right-hand corner, fold it in half again and tear off the upper left hand corner of the sheet, fold it in half again and tear off the lower right-hand corner of the sheet. Now everyone can open their eyes and observe the differences. This exercise is a great way to challenge basic assumptions, encourage participation and create awareness of the importance of two-way communication.

Boardroom Balderdash
This is a great game to introduce new people to a team and to learn more about others on your team. This game also builds trust as people learn fun things about others. Every team member writes down 2 facts and one lie about themselves on a piece of paper. Go around the room and have each person read what they wrote, both truths and lie. The whole team then votes on which statement in the list is the lie. The person who gets the fewest votes for their lie wins.

Here are more Team building activities that we offer at Intundla Game Lodge

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