Wedding Décor Specialist at Intundla

Saying your I Do's is certainly a huge occasion and one not to be taken lightly. Every girl dreams of a wedding day that is filled with all the magical things that will make her day extraordinary. At Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria, we have our own in-house décor magician! Yes Szoosh will take her magic wand and turn your wedding dreams into reality, simply infusing your wedding with colour and imagination. From enchanting ceremony backdrops to chic centre pieces, dreamlike lighting tricks and more, Szoosh will bring your wedding-day vision to life.

Your wedding day is about the time spent with family and friends and all the conversations that you can cherish forever, leave the rest to us.

Some of our latest Szoosh Décor Weddings at Intundla

Wedding Theme: Simplicity

Wedding Theme: French Classic

Wedding Theme: Natural

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Have a Spa Day with your Bridesmaids at Intundla

You have already picked Intundla as your Wedding Venue of choice because it is so close to Pretoria and OR Tambo airport, and it is the most beautiful game lodge setting any bride can dream of! The excitement of your wedding is mounting but time is fleeting and before a wedding there is a lot to do (to say the least!)

Planning that perfect wedding can be stressful on the bride, but also on her bridesmaids. The greatest thing you can do for yourself and your bridesmaids is to take a break from all the wedding stuff, relax and spend the day together at our Spa at Intundla. You might not get this opportunity again once you are married and your new life as the MRS starts demanding your full attention.

If you are anything like most brides then this will certainly be one of the best days of your life (apart from your wedding day of course!) When entering the sanctity of the Spa, you will immediately start relaxing and with nothing to distract you, you can truly forget about all the pressures of the wedding, and fully immerse yourself in some quality time with your friends. Very few things come close to spending valuable time with the people we love, and they will certainly appreciate the gesture!

Benefits of a Spa day at Intundla

Healthy glowing skin

The last thing you need on your wedding day is the breakout of a spot. Relaxation and especially the kind that a spa treatment will give you, is very good for your skin and will leave you and your bridesmaids looking more radiant than ever. On the other hand, research suggests that stress produces more oil which in turn can clog up those pores and produce unwanted acne.


This might be more appropriate for your bridesmaids, since you’ve already made the best decision of your life – to get married to the man you love! But studies have found that stress seems to actually change how we weigh risks and rewards, and can cloud our judgment when we are faced with important decisions.

Boosts memory

You want to remember every second of your wedding day and research on mice have concluded that short bursts of stress impaired the centres of the brain involved in memory and learning, and the mice struggled to remember how to find their way through the maze. Not that you’d have to run through a maze on your wedding day, as long as you follow the red carpet and remember to say I DO, you should be ok!

It will keep you in the mood

You probably don’t have any problems with this at the moment while living in the euphoria of getting-married-soon! But your bridesmaids could possibly do with more feelings of love (especially towards a demanding bride!) Research shows that the prolonged presence of the stress hormone cortisol can reduce levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are linked to how you feel.

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Different Characters at a Wedding

Intundla Wedding Venue looks at some non-traditional roles that can be overlooked but are often the most essential in keeping your wedding pointing firmly away from disaster.

From the moment the groom to be kneels in front of his intended and utters these 4 words “will you marry me?” a force of nature is unleashed that is capable of sweeping whole families, relatives and friends along in a relentless surge to the altar and the ultimate commitment of those 4 words.
It’s only in hindsight that we see how much of what happened was by the good fortune of having the right people step in at the right time and at the right place.

While some of the roles are traditionally assigned, such as the Best Man and Maid of Honour and shouldn’t be altered, at least not during the same wedding preparations! And others are cast in stone, like Bride and Groom and unfortunately the In-Laws (although you don’t have to live with the In-Laws… hopefully)!

The planner

There is a reason that this has become an employment opportunity as it is not necessary that the poor bride’s shoulders be burdened with all this responsibility. It is also not a prerequisite that the bride has to have the time and be gifted with the art of making notes and drawing up lists, keeping deadlines, tracking responses, updating gift registries, etc. and besides there is a lot on the brides plate already. So look for a planner, you don’t necessarily have to pay one, as there are usually a few of these compulsive list makers in the immediate family.

How to spot them – they have a pen and paper ready at all times and are always working off some sort of list. Their approach to tasks is planned in a logical step by step process where jumping from step 1 to step 4 never ever happens!

What they are good for – Keeping things on track, organised, neat and tidy. Crunching numbers and holding you to your budget.

Possible Pitfalls – The planner has an unfortunate need to be in control and once firmly secured in the driving seat will not be budged or swayed by ideas and suggestions that are not their own! So relinquish control at your own peril.

The Peacemaker

This is an emotional time where the people in certain roles (In-Laws, Mother-of-the-Bride, etc.) want to have their say too and have their own expectations for your wedding. When the train tracks divide and the new direction becomes a point of contention for certain parties, then you will need a peacemaker to step in and keep the planning on track by applying emergency first aid to any bruised egos.

How to spot them – These characters are genial, non-volatile, easy going and good at defusing potential conflicts, it helps if they are chubby and rosy cheeked.

What they are good for – Helping the inevitable different fractions, that planning a wedding creates, feel heard and valuable. Use them as messengers, peace envoys and negotiators.

Possible pitfalls – can be a bit too laid back or not assertive enough when the fit really hits the shan.

The Decider

Weddings require so many levels of decisions that the average person can get decision fatigue which will cause them to randomly select themselves into a tangled mess. Enter the decision maker who always has a clear picture of the ultimate goal and can decide in an instant whether bone white or ivory napkins are going to bring you closer to that goal or lead you off course.

How to spot them – They are the take charge no nonsense types that can spot an open parking bay in a busy mall and have the fastest route planned to get you there before you can say “um… so where shall we park?”.

What are they good for – making the tough decisions, negotiating with suppliers, getting people to be in the right places at the right times and going in as acting sheriff to sort everyone out when your Peacemaker has been shot down.

Possible pitfalls – Can be power mad control freaks so treat with care.

The Party Starter

Empty silences, awkward foot shuffling, conversations about the weather and empty dance floors are a thing of the past when a Party Starter is in the room.

How to spot them – You will usually hear them coming before you see them. They always have lots of jokes or stories that are told in an animated often side-tracked, convoluted delivery, but are none the less entertaining for all the detours and backtracking.

What they are good for – Breaking the ice and keeping the fun dial turned up!

Possible pitfalls – Can get a bit sulky if the spotlight moves off them and become impossible drama queens when they run out of fun juice. So keep them topped up with plenty of attention!

There is a lot to do and plan to get a wedding right on the day. In fact regardless of all the meticulous planning some of the best, most memorable wedding days have come together only with the help of a few special people and some unplanned, good old fashioned luck.

At Intundla Wedding Venue we are pro’s at making your special day a memorable one for all the right reasons!  Talk to us about all your needs and we can assist with finding the best service providers, Photographers, Hair and Make-up, Gowns, etc.

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Wedding traditions have not always been so glamorous

Weddings provide the perfect stage for the bride to create her wedding fantasy. Wedding venues and wedding service providers are all well versed in assisting the bride or wedding planner to make this special day a dream come true. However, some of the traditions that are normal today had some pretty strange beginnings.

Finding the bride

In ancient times the grooms men would help the groom find his future wife. The woman in question was usually blissfully unaware of these attentions right up to the moment when she was kidnapped.

Once you have her…

The best kidnapper award of the day went to the grooms man who captured the girl. This Casanova gone wrong was elevated to become the best man.

Meanwhile at the bachelor party…

The celebrations on this evening were to mark the groom’s last night of freedom. Something the bride was experiencing a lot more acutely at the future in-laws.  This may be why some in-laws are still considered as out-laws!

Don’t keep the groom waiting at the altar

The bride accompanied the groom down the aisle on the groom’s left hand side so he could fend off any attacks from other grooms men looking to be the best man at someone else’s wedding. Although, the bridesmaids did provide a handy ready-to-get-kidnapped-and-married decoys if these grooms men couldn’t snag the bride.
The tradition of the groom waiting for the bride at the altar is a statement from the groom that the bride comes to be married of her own free will. Except in the case of an arranged marriage where the father of the bride walked his daughter down the aisle to make sure the wedding went ahead.

And finally be prepared to fend off the nasty spirits

The bride’s bouquet was made from garlic and herbs to ward off evil spirits and vampires. The tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold was to prevent demons from assaulting the bride when the happy couple entered their home for the first time as man and wife.

Not sure you can face planning your Wedding on your own?

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Wedding Games – The Shoe Game


We loved having this couple at our Wedding Venue near Pretoria, they were full of fun and laughs the entire time and both very charming people. But what we enjoyed most was this fun game they played at their Wedding Reception.

The objective of the game is for your friends and family to get to know you better, and of course to see how well you know each other! After you’ve all had something to eat and drink place two chairs back to back and the bride and groom takes a seat with their backs to each other. Then take off both your shoes and trade one of your shoes with your newly wedded partner.

A designated person that knows you both quite well, like your best man or maid of honour, then asks you a series of questions. You answer who you think suits the question best by holding up that person’s shoe. Who is the best cook? Who is the most bossy? Who is the better kisser? Who spends the most money? etc.

Thank you Leon from JLN Photographers for the brilliant wedding photographs. All photos were taken at Intundla Game Lodge and Bush Spa.


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Social Media Etiquette at Weddings

Probably one of the most wonderful times of your life, meeting that special person, falling in love, getting engaged and then planning your big day. People have been falling in love and getting married since the beginning of times, but are the rules still the same when it comes to wedding etiquette or do we need a new set of rules to guide us through this transition from man and woman to husband and wife?

We look at things to consider when tweeting, posting and using hashtags.

Announce your wedding face-to-face
You might arrange the rest of your social life using social media, but this is one event that should preferably be announced to the people close to you in person or on the telephone first. They will certainly appreciate the courtesy but you also don’t want to miss out on seeing their facial expressions when you announce your engagement!

Think before you post
This should be a general rule-of-thumb for using social media, but do consider other people before posting. Some of your social media friends may not have been invited so refrain from posting too much detail about the wedding. Also try not to overkill, your friends will grow weary from reading about your wedding planning for a full year before the actual event! Keep your posts positive no one wants to read about your dirty laundry and mother-in-lawzilla on Facebook.

Should wedding guests be allowed to post pictures of your wedding?
This really is up to the couple but you have every right to ask your guests not to post any photographs to social media. You can include this request in your wedding invitation, and also have a reminder on your wedding day. Keep it fun and light-hearted. Instead ask your guests to send all their photos to you for inspection first and then post them to the album on your wedding website where everyone can view them.

Create a wedding hashtag
This is a really fun thing to do for your wedding and can be hugely exciting to look at after your I-do’s. This also puts all your guests wedding photos in one place. Include your wedding hashtag in your wedding invitation, on your wedding website and as a reminder again on your wedding day. You can make this even more entertaining by handing out your hashtag as a temporary tattoo on the day #mrandmrshitched. Who knows your hashtag might even help some of your single guests to get hooked up!

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5 Best Ways to Propose to Her

If you understand anything about women you will know that chances are she’s been dreaming about the day that the man of her dreams propose to her, since she was a little girl. What this means to you is that it doesn’t really matter how you propose to her, as long as it is a very special occasion and one that she will remember forever. To help you get your creative proposal juices flowing, we at Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria, have done some research of our own to find the best imaginable ways to propose.

1. Live lip-dub with friends and family

This guy went all out and rallied all the family and friends to help. This is a wonderful way to propose if of course you’re sure what her answer will be. Then again, with a proposal like this how can a girl say no?!


2. Post-it notes

This is a very cute video but possible not too practical unless you have access to a lot of post-its and of course are hugely artistic. But it can open up a lot of ideas though, surprising your lovely with notes and pictures in the most unexpected places.


3. Ring on a string

This has been done a few times in various ways but remains a very romantic way to propose. If you can have the right music playing in the background you will really impress your girl.


4. Singing proposal

This is terribly sweet and this guy really pulled at the strings of his girl’s heart. Notice one element in all the proposals that make them work? Surprise! We love the idea of all the little love notes hanging on the tree and that is easy enough to pull off.


5. Take to the sky

We picked this wedding proposal purely because it is so outrageous! This poor girl! We don’t recommend going quite that far with your proposal but planning something exciting and adventurous could get you some extra brownie points, that is if your girl is the adventurous type of course.



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Mostly what you need to remember is to have fun, make it special (for her), it has to be memorable, which it probably will be anyway. But she needs a good story to tell her friends. And then once she’s said YES you can book your Beautiful Memorable Wedding at Intundla Wedding Venue. Intundla has gained a fine reputation for stunning and unforgettable Weddings. Boasting a Beautiful Chapel, Mouth-Watering Cuisine, and an Idyllic Honeymoon Suite. We also have ample accommodation for your wedding guests who wish to linger longer to share this memorable occasion with you. Set in a perfect tranquil bush setting in a magnificent Private Game Reserve, what more can a girl ask for?

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Getting Married – First Steps

Congratulations! If you are reading this blog chances are you’re getting married soon. This is a very exciting time but for some brides it could also be terrifying. The thought of having to plan a big event like a wedding from scratch can seem like a monstrous mountain to climb! Don’t despair! Planning a wedding should be fun and we are here to help. Intundla Wedding Venue is ideally located close to Pretoria and only 55 minutes from OR Tambo, but the Lodge also sits within beautifully pristine game reserve surroundings, just perfect for your special day. You also get the expert help from our in-house Wedding Coordinators to ensure your day goes totally seamless.

So now that the wave of euphoria that comes from being engaged has settled a bit you’re wondering where to start? We suggest the best place to start is with your wedding guest list. The reason we’re suggesting this is because the size of your wedding party will largely determine the budget you will need. Some might suggest you start with your budget, but we feel the best way to ensure the success of your very special day is to have all your loved ones present as witnesses to your marriage but also as part of the beginning of your journey together as husband and wife. So start writing down the names of the people you and your husband-to-be love most and the ones that you simply cannot imagine getting married without having them there! Once you’ve established the size of your wedding party you can start fleshing out your budget.

What is most important to you on your Wedding Day? It is essential that you and your partner discuss this. You can avoid many heartaches by knowing what you both want and what your expectations are.

Do you want an intimate wedding or a large wedding? Share your thoughts with us.

Speak to our Wedding Coordinator

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Intundla Wedding Venue Best Wedding Photos Album

Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria is indeed a very special place and many brides and grooms have made wonderful memories here with their friends and family. The Game Lodge is situated in the Dinokeng area North-East of Pretoria, a mere 30 minute drive from the city centre and a 50 minute drive from OR Tambo International. The Lodge is built around a magnificent private dam, nestled under the Bobbejaansberg Mountains.

Because of the natural surroundings Intundla lends itself perfectly to create the best wedding photographs and the photographers all love the beautiful scenery. We’ve taken some of our favourite wedding photos from over the last year and created this magnificent wedding album.

Enjoy and please let us know in the comments section below which are your favourite photos.

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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Our Happily Forever After

Steph & Teneale – 1 May 2014

“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together … and I knew it”

Our Story ~

Steph and I were together for 3 years and Steph decided he was going to ask that big FOREVER question. He started planning the ring and it was in the process of being set, for a Christmas proposal, when we took a trip to Botswana. Incidentally I returned home pregnant and another ring was then being set for the new addition.

He proposed in February of 2009, on the mountain overlooking Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa. It was a very hot, and amazing day!

We also subsequently had our engagement shoot at Intundla in July last year when we decided it was a good idea to finally start planning this very big day.



The Planning ~

After being engaged for 5 years, we finally decided it was time to ‘get this show on the road’, as they say. Knowing the difficulty of finding the perfect venue that most couples face, I started comparing and looking around – despite having the perfect venue already. Like a rebellious teenager I carted my mother on this search for a venue which would be something different to what I know at Intundla …..

What we came across was a logistical, planning and financial nightmare venue after venue!

After exploring my other options I went back to what my mother said to begin with and started planning the wedding of my dreams in a dream setting that is close to home.


Choosing to have my wedding at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa, even though I work for them as marketing manager, did not change their outlook or compromised the service I’ve received as a Bride. The managers are as professional and hardworking as they are for other guests and all my wedding guests loved them.

Knowing people in this industry is one thing but knowing who to rely on when it’s time to use them yourself is something completely different. I was lucky enough to have the best in the business from beginning to end. Not only in their professionalism of service but also in the adding to my day in making everyone feel confident and comfortable.

wedding-dress-intundlaFirstly, Bridal Wardrobe at Lynnwood Bridge. WOW. They were amazing from the start! I found my dress immediately just by telling them what I wanted, and then I still changed half the dress just to have the shoulders different. They did it all without a fuss and even cleaned my dress after the wedding.

Sarah Swoon Blatcher from Swoon Makeup made us all look radiant and perfect for this momentous occasion. She even stayed for touch ups as this was a very emotional ceremony.

Wendy Chidrawi from 90 Degrees Hair Salon in Dely road, did all of our hair. The result was more than amazing, and we even had a pamper day at her salon before the wedding! They are incredible!



My photographer, there is not much more I can say about Patrick Furter, his photos speak for themselves. He is incredible, and also makes everyone feel so comfortable. His wife, Lizelle who also owns the Brides Diary, accompanied him on the day and was also such an asset. They are really a power team and as I already experienced, photography is something you should not compromise on.


Our reverend, Dee Harris, is more than an inspirational women. She met with us before the wedding for marriage counselling. She got to know us as a couple and made everything on the day she married us, and leading up to it, so personal and meaningful. She touched the hearts of every person at the ceremony, and I have not witnessed so many people shedding a tear at a service before. Or stay connected the entire time either…. It was incredible!


Vonve Bridal Couture was where we got the gorgeous Bridesmaids dresses, and Lovisa the necklaces and earrings. They were the perfect fit and super comfortable, the girls were ready to party! The guests also could not help but stare at them down the aisle before I arrived!


Fraaimeraai ontwerp in Pretoria has definitely taken wedding favours to another level. Such creativity and excellent assistance with whatever you need. All the goodies made were a brilliant touch, from the sock message for Steph, and the cigars for the boys, to the MC badge for Graeme and even the sparklers for our first dance.

The guys even appreciated it, which means they noticed it… that is huge!









Theo Brits from Softlight Décor did all of our lights, and it was the biggest part of this occasion. The atmosphere he built with his qualified team was simply magical. We made a whole new venue in a car park thanks to him!

Now our DJ, Neil Campbell … well when your guests ask you at dinner time if they can have a CD of the music already played, then you know you have someone who is good at what he does. We always have fabulous feedback from all who use his services, but experiencing it for myself was definitely a treat! He read the people, he played for all crowds and never once played a song that the dance floor was not full of people!


All the décor was done by my own company, Szoosh.

The theme was mainly a love bird theme. I cut out the table placing’s which I pinned on the crystal glasses. I also cut out the birds on a wire which was hung up between the trees as the table numbers.

The colours were white, coral, baby blue, duck egg, turquoise and sea foam with elements of texture.

My new husband made the Jenga blocks that doubled up as a game and our guest book, these were a great hit.

We were outside and used matchless candles to create that candle atmosphere.



Photographer: Patrick Furter

My Wedding Dress: Bridal Wardrobe

Ceremony Venue: Intundla Game Lodge

Hair: 90 Degrees Hair Emporium

Makeup: Swoonmakeup

Undies, cigar notes, sock notes, garter and sparklers: Fraaimeraai ontwerp

Reverend: Mark & Dee Harris

DJ: DJ Cambolsh

Décor: Szoosh

Wedding Website: Wedding Website

Bridesmaid Dresses: Vonvé Bridal Couture

Lighting: Soft Light Décor

Theme: Our Happily Forever After


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We have it all at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa so popular, the answer is because we have it all. We have the great advantage of location – close enough to get here easily but far enough to instill that out-of-the-city feeling. We have 7 Conference Rooms, the best outdoor Team Building facilities and great Accommodation.

We have also just started implementing the first phase of upgrading our rooms. The new beds are arriving in this week and we will have brand new linen as well as duvets for each bed. We are very excited about this new development and think our clients will be too! Our next phase will be the headboards in the rooms and will start early next month.

Come visit us at Intundla and see for yourself.

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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – A place of Love

Louise & Warren ~ 18 January 2014

Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. – John Lennon

Getting ready for our Big day … 


Final touches …


Ready for my moment …
beautiful-bride-pretoria-wedding Here comes the Bride!

That moment … that kiss


We did it!

Louise & Warren got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 18 January 2014

Symbolic of our life …

We’re in it together … for life!
wedding-cake-moments And so our journey begins …

Alongside the people we love.



Photographer: Stella Sassen

Ceremony Venue: Intundla Chapel

Theme: A place of Love

Colours: Taupe, navy and salmon

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Joy! Beginnings, Together, Love

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15 Wedding Photography moments that you have to Capture on your Wedding Day

If you’ve chosen Intundla Wedding Venue as the venue for your Big day then you are in luck! The lodge and natural surroundings are perfect to get the most out of your wedding shots. You can get as creative as you want and the picturesque backdrops are guaranteed to give that extra special effect!

The Wedding Dress



The mobile wedding shot



 Your wedding framed


 Bridal gals in the hood


 Best man best girl wedding photo



 Mad groom wedding photo


 The wedding kiss


 The romantic photo


 The lense flare photo


 The wedding rings


 Paige boys and flower girls waiting for the bride


 Love unveiled


 Your jimmy choos


 The window wedding photo


 The silly wedding photo


We love creative wedding photos let us know which ones are your favourites. And if you have wedding photos you would like to share with us send it to


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Wedding Venue near Pretoria – Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa

Intundla is often called the perfect Wedding Venue. Most of our couples only take one look and know that this is where they want to have their Special day. Ideally situated the Game Lodge is a mere 30 minute drive from Pretoria and only 50 minutes from OR Tambo International. The Lodge is built around a magnificent private dam, nestled under the Bobbejaansberg Mountains.

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5 Special Things you can do for your Guests at your Wedding

1. Welcome bag for out-of-town guests

Because we live in such a global world most weddings have guests travelling from other cities and even other countries. Show your appreciation by giving your out-of-town guests a little welcome bag with goodies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something to show you appreciate them coming all this way – a bottle of bubbly for their arrival, a map of the area, comfy slippers for their weary feet.



2. Party props to funk up the dance floor

 You can really liven up your wedding and especially the dance floor with some party props. All you need is a couple of funky hats, masks, colourful wigs, wacky sunglasses and hey presto!



3. A Safe Ride home

 Your wedding should be a big celebration! Don’t let your guests worry about drinking and driving. Organise a free taxi service that can take your guests back to their hotels. They will be very grateful for it. And if you have your wedding at Intundla Game Lodge then your guests won’t have to worry about a thing because they’ll be staying in our Luxury Accommodation at the Lodge.



4. Give your Guests balloons

 Give each of your guests a balloon (filled with helium) after the Ceremony. It’ll look simply spectacular when they all walk towards the reception area holding colourful balloons.



5. Provide Entertainment for the kids

 If you’re allowing your guests to bring their kids to your wedding then go the extra mile and make sure there is enough entertainment provided for them like this pizza station where they can make their own pizzas.

happy kid = happy parent = happy wedding.


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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Travel Odyssey

Jan-Harm & Mariette – 11 January 2014

Once we’ve seen Intundla Game Lodge at their Wedding Expo our minds were made up!


As only girls would do and a flatmate getting married 4 months earlier, I could scan quite a few wedding magazines for ideas. However when it came to choosing the venue, I only saw one photo! I looked at the website and I was convinced that this is the perfect venue and everything I dreamt of!  Now I only needed to convince my fiancé. Well it didn’t take much as he also fell in love with this place on our 1st visit. Still today we believe we had the most beautiful wedding at the most beautiful venue. Thanks to Vanessa van Niekerk, the wedding coordinator everything worked out perfect. I wasn’t stressed about anything. They did everything in their power to meet my demands and made our day perfect! And so it was! Intundla will forever have a special place in our hearts, we feel like family!

Our Story ~

15 years ago we were introduced by mutual friends while studying in Bloemfontein. Although I thought he was quite a nice guy, I wasn’t ready for a relationship and Jan-Harm was only interested in partying with the boys. As all the friends went their own direction we all grew apart during our varsity years. 7 years later we both relocated to Johannesburg without knowing the whereabouts of the other. Not knowing too many people I was quite keen when my best friend invited me for dinner with friends while visiting her boyfriend for the weekend. Her exact words were: “Don’t worry at least you’ll know Jan-Harm”. When I got to the restaurant and it was only my friend, her boyfriend and Jan-harm I just knew… this was the plan all along! Even though we haven’t seen each other for years there was never an awkward moment, we just clicked! We partied till early the next morning! Later that week he phoned and asked if he could take me to dinner and… the rest is history!

Engagement ~


After dating for 6 years it was about time! Jan-Harm always said he would never ask the big question on a special day as he wants it to be a surprise. True to his decision he asked me when I least expected it and even phoned my parents for their blessing. We always go away for my Birthday and when Jan-Harm said we are going to Hazyview for the weekend I did not expect him to pop the question (although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping).

On Saturday 15th June Jan-Harm took me to a small waterfall with a big rock at High Grove House. He very romantically took out Champagne and “wine glasses” that he wrapped in a hand towel and asked me to hold the glass, with the idea that he could get down on his knee to propose. Instead I went to sit down next to him and spoiled it all. But I had to wait 6 years, he can’ have it that easy! He popped the question and I said YES!

Jan-Harm and Mariette got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 11 January 2014.

Wedding ~ 



Dress:  Maggie Sotterro (Olivelli – Bloemfontein)

Wedding Rings:  Deonne le Roux Jewellers

Hair:  Cornel Nel – Follicle Hair Atelier

Make-up:  Brenda Botha (MUD Make-up)

Stationery:  Lily Young

Reverend:  Dr Dawid A Kuyler 

Photographer:  Gilda Harris

Videographer:  Ruling Spear

Wedding Singers: Bella Africa

Ceremony Venue:  Intundla Chapel

Décor:  Venelize Events Décor

Music/Entertainment:  Blast Entertainment

Theme: Travel Odyssey

Colours: Red and Rustic

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Perfect, Family, Special Place, Destiny



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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Romantic Classic

Nicky & Shawn – 23 November 2013

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

We couldn’t have chosen a better venue for our wedding. Intundla is beautiful and serene and offered everything we needed for our Romantic Classic Bush Wedding. Our guests kept telling us what a lovely venue Intundla is and they are very eager to return. Thank you to the staff at Intundla for making our day so special.

Shawn and Nicky van der Meulen got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 23 November 2013.

Shawn & Nicky’s Story ~

For Shawn the attraction to Nicky was instantaneous, the beautiful blonde single girl that had just come from a long-term relationship. For Nicky apparently not and she needed to be reminded of who Shawn was when their mutual friend Othelia very subtly had to enquire if Nicky was interested in getting together. They met often enough and generated some sparks but despite their shared love of the bush, birds, music and Lions rugby … stayed friends for a while.

She’s my best friend and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.” 


“The more time we spent together the more I realised how in love I was with the introverted, bush loving lawyer.”



But Shawn is an over-achiever and after only one year of him pining for the love of his life Nicky finally surrendered her heart and 7 years later they tied the knot on their memorable wedding day at Intundla Wedding Venue.



Ceremony Venue: Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa

Cake: Classic Cheese Wedding Tower with fruit

Table Décor: Romantic Pink & White

Pièce de Résistance: The Guest Tree with messages from all the guests

Colours: Light Green & White

Theme: Romantic Classic

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Elegant, Everlasting, Classic, Romantic

Comment from a Guest: “I loved how Shawn looked at you and how you looked at him when you were dancing together.” – Kristin Hammond

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