Social Media Etiquette at Weddings

Probably one of the most wonderful times of your life, meeting that special person, falling in love, getting engaged and then planning your big day. People have been falling in love and getting married since the beginning of times, but are the rules still the same when it comes to wedding etiquette or do we need a new set of rules to guide us through this transition from man and woman to husband and wife?

We look at things to consider when tweeting, posting and using hashtags.

Announce your wedding face-to-face
You might arrange the rest of your social life using social media, but this is one event that should preferably be announced to the people close to you in person or on the telephone first. They will certainly appreciate the courtesy but you also don’t want to miss out on seeing their facial expressions when you announce your engagement!

Think before you post
This should be a general rule-of-thumb for using social media, but do consider other people before posting. Some of your social media friends may not have been invited so refrain from posting too much detail about the wedding. Also try not to overkill, your friends will grow weary from reading about your wedding planning for a full year before the actual event! Keep your posts positive no one wants to read about your dirty laundry and mother-in-lawzilla on Facebook.

Should wedding guests be allowed to post pictures of your wedding?
This really is up to the couple but you have every right to ask your guests not to post any photographs to social media. You can include this request in your wedding invitation, and also have a reminder on your wedding day. Keep it fun and light-hearted. Instead ask your guests to send all their photos to you for inspection first and then post them to the album on your wedding website where everyone can view them.

Create a wedding hashtag
This is a really fun thing to do for your wedding and can be hugely exciting to look at after your I-do’s. This also puts all your guests wedding photos in one place. Include your wedding hashtag in your wedding invitation, on your wedding website and as a reminder again on your wedding day. You can make this even more entertaining by handing out your hashtag as a temporary tattoo on the day #mrandmrshitched. Who knows your hashtag might even help some of your single guests to get hooked up!

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Latest Wedding Trend – Have your own Wedding Website

At Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria we are all about giving you the most memorable wedding and in order to do this we have to keep up with the Joneses! The latest Wedding craze seems to be for the Bridal Couple to have their own personalised Wedding Website. But why would you need a Wedding Website? Well for starters the best answer would be Information Sharing. This is the best and easiest and of course cutest way to share with everyone about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN WHY AND HOW of all your wedding plans. And of course the simplest way to update your friends and family when plans change or something new pops up!

Certain things are always a bit tricky when it comes to planning a wedding and having a wedding website takes care of these little worries in a very discreet and fun way without saying who’s your mother – or in this case who’s the mother of the bride!

RSVP ~ never has this job been so easy. Your guests can respond to your invitation right on your website. And if you have more than one wedding event that you want them to respond to, no problem. You can even add options like food choices, accommodation options, and much more. Is one of your bridesmaids handling all the responses? No problem the RSVP’s can go straight to her.

Gift registry ~ this one traditionally can have a few snags. You don’t want to appear greedy by pointing them in the direction of your favourite department store. With a wedding website you can very discreetly place the link of your online registry on your website for all to view. You can even very subtly suggest that you’d rather want your gift in hard cash! We’ve come across a very sweet way of saying this ~

Because at first we lived in sin
we got the sheets and the laundry bin
a gift from you would be swell
but we prefer a donation for our
wishing well

Our story ~ your story is unique and maybe some of your friends and family have been out of touch a bit or would love to get to know more about your partner and soon to be husband or wife! This is your space and what a beautiful way to tell all your loved ones about how you met, how you first fell in love, what you find irresistible about your partner …

Accommodation ~ no more laborious email after email to all the out-of-towners informing them of accommodation choices, costs, contact details and maps of the venues, etcetera. You can have all the information they need right at their fingertips and they can refer back to it as many times as they want! Having all the information on the website makes it very easy and convenient for everyone. When you have your Wedding at Intundla you have the convenience of having everything at one venue ~ your Ceremony, Reception and of course Accommodation for your guests at our beautiful Lodge.

Dress code ~ yes guests always want to know what should I wear to this wedding!? Because the etiquette for proper wedding guest attire can vary greatly depending on the style of the wedding this is not always an easy task for the wedding guest. Well know you can take the guess work from it by telling (and even showing) them exactly what to wear. You can include photos as examples and give hints on what might not be suitable. For instance if you’re planning on getting married outside on a lawn or sandy dune you can mention this so that the ladies don’t arrive wearing high heeled shoes that will sink in the sand or grass.

Bridal party ~ your bridesmaids and groomsmen play an important part in your wedding and can sometimes be overlooked. With a wedding website you can give credit where credit is due and tell and show (with photos) who they are and why you asked them to be in your wedding?

Wedding events ~ most weddings these days involve more than just the Ceremony and Reception. You can have all the information on your wedding website. From the pre-wedding parties, the wedding as well as your post wedding parties. Where? When? What to bring? All the details in one place. This makes everyone’s life easier and your guests will appreciate the gesture!

Photos and videos ~ Your Wedding will probably be one of the most important events of your life. Your wedding website makes sharing it with everyone you love so much easier. Even the friends and family that can’t attend your wedding will also feel like they are part of the celebrations. Share all your beautiful memories with all the people in your lives ~ it’ll mean the world to them.

Article courtesy Wedding Website

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Wedding Venue Trends for 2014

As the New Year gets underway the expectations for this year have begun to take shape. So as you leaf through your stack of wedding mags, taking clippings for the possible wedding venues, wedding themes, wedding dresses and other wedding ideas – Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria takes a look at some of the top wedding picks for 2014.

Top Wedding ideas for a stunning event

Capture the inner fairy princess with a whimsical wedding
A whimsical wedding is fun playful and full of surprises, drawing it’s inspiration from medieval icons (think Maid Marion from Robin Hood) and fantasy (think Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings). The bride’s hair is long and flowing, teased with a loose curl and adorned with a floral crown or dramatic veil. The dress is bohemian using natural fibres, soft and feminine.
The décor follows the faun from the forest theme with flower wreathes, floral arches and hand crafted knick-knacks.
Intundla wedding venue has a beautiful chapel, boma and is ideally suited to moving closer to nature.

Bring back the style of a golden oldie
Popular period movies and TV series have reintroduced the style and fashion of days gone by. The movie The Great Gatsby and the series Downton Abby have made it easy for Brides to visualise their wedding with stylish tones, classic cars, vintage music, polished silverware and white gloved servants.

Check your phone at the door please
With the trend moving to natural settings and places with charm and character it follows that you don’t want to drown out the bird song with the electronic chirps of text messages being sent and delivered. So have a cell phone check or request that guests use them to take pics only!

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The 5 Biggest Conferencing Trends for 2013

The global financial crisis has initiated changes in the conferencing industry. Despite the financial pinch and the increase in the use of video conferencing as a tool, there is still no substitute for meeting face to face in a neutral environment.
This trend has ensured that conferences are still on the increase but the outcome of these meetings have more importance as measuring the ROI becomes the focal point.

Looking at business conferencing there are 5 trends for South African companies that will enable them to harness their resources during hard times and ensure business success through smarter events.

1) Cost of Conferencing

The considerations in securing a venue are the costs of using a local city venue against a more remote option but with accommodation included, or a happy medium that is close enough but still out of town. Traditionally the country venues are cheaper but with travel restrictions being implemented by companies the geographic range considered has been significantly reduced. 

2) Collaberation and Communication

With smaller budgets on the table for a conference package there has been a greater need for planners and suppliers to collaborate to ensure the company requirements closely matches the delivery of the tailored requirements.

3) Linking of Activities

To get the most from a conference more is being planned in a shorter space of time. A sandwich technique can be an effective tool for getting results by starting with a team build, having the conference and ending with a spa treatment or fun activity.
Kicking a conference off with a team building exercise is a good way to chip off the rough edges and get participants settled in each others company and accelerate networking.
Once the participants have been loosened up the goal of the conference is more likely to be accepted and adopted.
The spa treatment allows the take away points of the meeting to be cemented while relaxing and feeling spoiled. The fun activity is used to de-compress the participants and further interpersonal relationships. 

4) Video Conferencing

Having a fast Internet connection in SA has moved from being a luxury to an absolute necessity for a long time now. Technology has advanced and the use of video conferencing, which was clumsy and awkward, is now very much a viable tool. The global accessibility of experts through this medium has led to the increasing inclusion of third party management specialists in a video conferencing discussion. 

5) Greening

Along with PCO’s adopting a green policy and venues actively greening their product offerings, the financial cost cutting has furthered the cause of corporate Greening in that travel carbon emissions are reduced and lighter meals are being requested for delegates.

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