Wedding Games – The Shoe Game


We loved having this couple at our Wedding Venue near Pretoria, they were full of fun and laughs the entire time and both very charming people. But what we enjoyed most was this fun game they played at their Wedding Reception.

The objective of the game is for your friends and family to get to know you better, and of course to see how well you know each other! After you’ve all had something to eat and drink place two chairs back to back and the bride and groom takes a seat with their backs to each other. Then take off both your shoes and trade one of your shoes with your newly wedded partner.

A designated person that knows you both quite well, like your best man or maid of honour, then asks you a series of questions. You answer who you think suits the question best by holding up that person’s shoe. Who is the best cook? Who is the most bossy? Who is the better kisser? Who spends the most money? etc.

Thank you Leon from JLN Photographers for the brilliant wedding photographs. All photos were taken at Intundla Game Lodge and Bush Spa.


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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Our Happily Forever After

Steph & Teneale – 1 May 2014

“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together … and I knew it”

Our Story ~

Steph and I were together for 3 years and Steph decided he was going to ask that big FOREVER question. He started planning the ring and it was in the process of being set, for a Christmas proposal, when we took a trip to Botswana. Incidentally I returned home pregnant and another ring was then being set for the new addition.

He proposed in February of 2009, on the mountain overlooking Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa. It was a very hot, and amazing day!

We also subsequently had our engagement shoot at Intundla in July last year when we decided it was a good idea to finally start planning this very big day.



The Planning ~

After being engaged for 5 years, we finally decided it was time to ‘get this show on the road’, as they say. Knowing the difficulty of finding the perfect venue that most couples face, I started comparing and looking around – despite having the perfect venue already. Like a rebellious teenager I carted my mother on this search for a venue which would be something different to what I know at Intundla …..

What we came across was a logistical, planning and financial nightmare venue after venue!

After exploring my other options I went back to what my mother said to begin with and started planning the wedding of my dreams in a dream setting that is close to home.


Choosing to have my wedding at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa, even though I work for them as marketing manager, did not change their outlook or compromised the service I’ve received as a Bride. The managers are as professional and hardworking as they are for other guests and all my wedding guests loved them.

Knowing people in this industry is one thing but knowing who to rely on when it’s time to use them yourself is something completely different. I was lucky enough to have the best in the business from beginning to end. Not only in their professionalism of service but also in the adding to my day in making everyone feel confident and comfortable.

wedding-dress-intundlaFirstly, Bridal Wardrobe at Lynnwood Bridge. WOW. They were amazing from the start! I found my dress immediately just by telling them what I wanted, and then I still changed half the dress just to have the shoulders different. They did it all without a fuss and even cleaned my dress after the wedding.

Sarah Swoon Blatcher from Swoon Makeup made us all look radiant and perfect for this momentous occasion. She even stayed for touch ups as this was a very emotional ceremony.

Wendy Chidrawi from 90 Degrees Hair Salon in Dely road, did all of our hair. The result was more than amazing, and we even had a pamper day at her salon before the wedding! They are incredible!



My photographer, there is not much more I can say about Patrick Furter, his photos speak for themselves. He is incredible, and also makes everyone feel so comfortable. His wife, Lizelle who also owns the Brides Diary, accompanied him on the day and was also such an asset. They are really a power team and as I already experienced, photography is something you should not compromise on.


Our reverend, Dee Harris, is more than an inspirational women. She met with us before the wedding for marriage counselling. She got to know us as a couple and made everything on the day she married us, and leading up to it, so personal and meaningful. She touched the hearts of every person at the ceremony, and I have not witnessed so many people shedding a tear at a service before. Or stay connected the entire time either…. It was incredible!


Vonve Bridal Couture was where we got the gorgeous Bridesmaids dresses, and Lovisa the necklaces and earrings. They were the perfect fit and super comfortable, the girls were ready to party! The guests also could not help but stare at them down the aisle before I arrived!


Fraaimeraai ontwerp in Pretoria has definitely taken wedding favours to another level. Such creativity and excellent assistance with whatever you need. All the goodies made were a brilliant touch, from the sock message for Steph, and the cigars for the boys, to the MC badge for Graeme and even the sparklers for our first dance.

The guys even appreciated it, which means they noticed it… that is huge!









Theo Brits from Softlight Décor did all of our lights, and it was the biggest part of this occasion. The atmosphere he built with his qualified team was simply magical. We made a whole new venue in a car park thanks to him!

Now our DJ, Neil Campbell … well when your guests ask you at dinner time if they can have a CD of the music already played, then you know you have someone who is good at what he does. We always have fabulous feedback from all who use his services, but experiencing it for myself was definitely a treat! He read the people, he played for all crowds and never once played a song that the dance floor was not full of people!


All the décor was done by my own company, Szoosh.

The theme was mainly a love bird theme. I cut out the table placing’s which I pinned on the crystal glasses. I also cut out the birds on a wire which was hung up between the trees as the table numbers.

The colours were white, coral, baby blue, duck egg, turquoise and sea foam with elements of texture.

My new husband made the Jenga blocks that doubled up as a game and our guest book, these were a great hit.

We were outside and used matchless candles to create that candle atmosphere.



Photographer: Patrick Furter

My Wedding Dress: Bridal Wardrobe

Ceremony Venue: Intundla Game Lodge

Hair: 90 Degrees Hair Emporium

Makeup: Swoonmakeup

Undies, cigar notes, sock notes, garter and sparklers: Fraaimeraai ontwerp

Reverend: Mark & Dee Harris

DJ: DJ Cambolsh

Décor: Szoosh

Wedding Website: Wedding Website

Bridesmaid Dresses: Vonvé Bridal Couture

Lighting: Soft Light Décor

Theme: Our Happily Forever After


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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – A place of Love

Louise & Warren ~ 18 January 2014

Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. – John Lennon

Getting ready for our Big day … 


Final touches …


Ready for my moment …
beautiful-bride-pretoria-wedding Here comes the Bride!

That moment … that kiss


We did it!

Louise & Warren got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 18 January 2014

Symbolic of our life …

We’re in it together … for life!
wedding-cake-moments And so our journey begins …

Alongside the people we love.



Photographer: Stella Sassen

Ceremony Venue: Intundla Chapel

Theme: A place of Love

Colours: Taupe, navy and salmon

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Joy! Beginnings, Together, Love

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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Travel Odyssey

Jan-Harm & Mariette – 11 January 2014

Once we’ve seen Intundla Game Lodge at their Wedding Expo our minds were made up!


As only girls would do and a flatmate getting married 4 months earlier, I could scan quite a few wedding magazines for ideas. However when it came to choosing the venue, I only saw one photo! I looked at the website and I was convinced that this is the perfect venue and everything I dreamt of!  Now I only needed to convince my fiancé. Well it didn’t take much as he also fell in love with this place on our 1st visit. Still today we believe we had the most beautiful wedding at the most beautiful venue. Thanks to Vanessa van Niekerk, the wedding coordinator everything worked out perfect. I wasn’t stressed about anything. They did everything in their power to meet my demands and made our day perfect! And so it was! Intundla will forever have a special place in our hearts, we feel like family!

Our Story ~

15 years ago we were introduced by mutual friends while studying in Bloemfontein. Although I thought he was quite a nice guy, I wasn’t ready for a relationship and Jan-Harm was only interested in partying with the boys. As all the friends went their own direction we all grew apart during our varsity years. 7 years later we both relocated to Johannesburg without knowing the whereabouts of the other. Not knowing too many people I was quite keen when my best friend invited me for dinner with friends while visiting her boyfriend for the weekend. Her exact words were: “Don’t worry at least you’ll know Jan-Harm”. When I got to the restaurant and it was only my friend, her boyfriend and Jan-harm I just knew… this was the plan all along! Even though we haven’t seen each other for years there was never an awkward moment, we just clicked! We partied till early the next morning! Later that week he phoned and asked if he could take me to dinner and… the rest is history!

Engagement ~


After dating for 6 years it was about time! Jan-Harm always said he would never ask the big question on a special day as he wants it to be a surprise. True to his decision he asked me when I least expected it and even phoned my parents for their blessing. We always go away for my Birthday and when Jan-Harm said we are going to Hazyview for the weekend I did not expect him to pop the question (although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping).

On Saturday 15th June Jan-Harm took me to a small waterfall with a big rock at High Grove House. He very romantically took out Champagne and “wine glasses” that he wrapped in a hand towel and asked me to hold the glass, with the idea that he could get down on his knee to propose. Instead I went to sit down next to him and spoiled it all. But I had to wait 6 years, he can’ have it that easy! He popped the question and I said YES!

Jan-Harm and Mariette got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 11 January 2014.

Wedding ~ 



Dress:  Maggie Sotterro (Olivelli – Bloemfontein)

Wedding Rings:  Deonne le Roux Jewellers

Hair:  Cornel Nel – Follicle Hair Atelier

Make-up:  Brenda Botha (MUD Make-up)

Stationery:  Lily Young

Reverend:  Dr Dawid A Kuyler 

Photographer:  Gilda Harris

Videographer:  Ruling Spear

Wedding Singers: Bella Africa

Ceremony Venue:  Intundla Chapel

Décor:  Venelize Events Décor

Music/Entertainment:  Blast Entertainment

Theme: Travel Odyssey

Colours: Red and Rustic

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Perfect, Family, Special Place, Destiny



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Gauteng Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Elegant Romance

 Jarryd & Beverly – 9 November 2013

“My heart is, and always will be, yours.” – Sense and Sensibility

Our Story ~ 

Jarryd and I had known each other for a few years as acquaintances through mutual friends but one night at a friend’s birthday party we really connected. I took the brave step and invited Beverly to a rugby game which she later declined. It was only when she text me on the night of the game that I felt a flicker of hope. She showed up at the box and I knew I had to bring my A-game! My charm paid off and after weeks of just texting on the phone we finally started dating.

And almost a year later in the blizzardy cold weather on top of Table Mountain Jarryd went down on his knees and proposed. It was a magical moment and I was consumed with love for this charmer.

Engagement Shoot ~



Jarryd and Beverly got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 9 November 2013.
Our Wedding ~


“I always found Jarryd to be the most charming and respectful male in the group of friends.”



Photographer:  Blue Jam Studios

Engagement Shoot Article: Little Pink Book

Ceremony Venue:  Intundla Chapel

Florist:  Venelize Events Décor

Flowers:  Venelize Events Décor

Music/Entertainment:  Blast Entertainment

Decor Details: Venelize Events Décor

Theme: Elegant Romance

Colours: Aquamarine

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Elegant, Romantic, Soulful, Love

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Gauteng Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Traditional and Romantic

Jacques and Ellen – 26 October 2013

Like many other couples these days Jacques and Ellen’s love story began on a dating site, they met on a Christian dating website in July 2012. They started chatting via email and then met for a coffee at Mugg & Bean. And for them that was that!! “We’ve both been waiting so long for our soul mate, God has given us to each other and this is the happiest time of our lives!” says Ellen. They got engaged on Christmas Eve last year and both decided they wanted a Bush Wedding. Something Romantic and Traditional. They got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 26 October 2013.


Wow our wedding at Intundla Game Lodge was everything we hoped for and dreamed off. Intundla was the first venue we visited and it stole our hearts immediately. Jacques and I love the bush and we wanted to get married in a romantic setting and a place where our guests could stay over and party the night away. Intundla was just what we were looking for. It was peaceful, beautiful and romantic. It fitted in perfectly with our theme – traditional and romantic. Intundla was also child friendly, which is so important to us as we have many nieces and nephews we wanted to be part of our special day!


Everything went perfect on our special day! The chapel made a beautiful traditional setting for our ceremony.



The refreshing drinks served at the bar were enjoyed by all our guests whilst we were taking photos. Our guests could relax around the pool, catch the Currie cup final and the kids had a fantastic time playing in the garden.


Our reception in the Hippo room was breathtaking, the décor we chose matched the décor in the hall perfectly. The food was out of this world! We actually wish we ate more that night than we did. The kiddies were even treated with hot dogs & chips especially made for them.


Our guests had an awesome time. They all complimented the food, the staff and that it was absolutely beautiful there. Many guests even canoed on Sunday morning.

”Stunning wedding at a great venue, staff at Intundla did everything possible to make this day wonderful thanks.” Sharon Kotze – Mother of the Bride

Madri and her team were present the entire weekend, we have to say a big thank you for all they did, from fetching our flowers on Friday to carrying boxes up and down. They were always friendly and helpful!! Madri thank you for making sure everything on Saturday went according to plan, you are most surely a key role at Intundla. Even for the cake that you arranged for Sunday morning for our birthday guests! You went above and beyond.



Photographer:  Matthys Pienaar

Ceremony Venue:  Intundla Chapel & Hippo Room

Cake:  Lila White

Florist:  Franci

Flowers:  Proteas and Roses

Music/Entertainment:  Kyron Turnball

Biggest Surprise: The Birthday Cake that Intundla arranged for our birthday guests

Decor Details: Little bottles with flowers inside hanging from the trees

Draping: Theo

Priest:  Dominee Gideon Du Toit

Theme: Romantic and Traditional

Colours: Gold and Pink

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Romantic, Soft, Glamorous, Playful


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