Corporate Wellness at Intundla Conference and Team Building Venue

Because a healthier, happier person lives with more abundance, more energy and creativity, we are now adding a healthier side to the conferencing and team building at Intundla. We have teamed up with two South African Companies, Nurish and FitFirst, and they are bringing healthy back. And of course you know that at Intundla we want only the best for your body, mind, and soul, which we achieve through superior quality natural produce, great service, fabulous entertainment, magnificent outdoors, peaceful surroundings, and a comfortable bed, all so that you can perform to your optimum.

Nurish is a juicing company that strives to transform lives through conscious nutritional choices. Adding a fresh juice cleanse to your conferencing program can help to improve the digestion of your team and recharge them with renewed energy. This can be added to your normal meal plan or they can cleanse or detox completely instead of meals. Most people will absorb far more nutrients from juice than from eating whole foods and the nutrients enter your bloodstream more rapidly and are absorbed better for use throughout your body. This rapid absorption is what makes raw juice such a powerful cleanser.

FitFirst - where fitness meets fun, and results flow as a by-product. We’ve found that you look and feel your best when you love what you’re doing, not when you’re obsessing over calories. Our sessions are about quality, not quantity, and take a total of 30 minutes. Did you know that 1800 mississippis is all you need for an adrenaline pumping, fat blasting workout that will leave you wanting more.

Get your blood flowing and endorphins rolling, with some pumping workout tunes. These sessions are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions that incorporate a perfect combination of cardio and body weight exercises for a full body workout. These short, intense workouts are proven to be very effective for memory retention, creativity, problem solving and mindfulness, all which you can tackle again more effectively after your workout session.

And because how you perform matters to us at Intundla, we also cater for Banting or gluten and wheat free diets.

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Corporate Wellness means Success for Everyone

Intundla is a popular conference and team building venue near Pretoria. Probably because of our location and bush setting overlooking a stunning dam, together with good service, great food, etc. And because of this we see and meet many groups of people coming from various companies and different backgrounds. The one thing we've seen surfacing is the term Corporate Wellness.

If you are thinking that Corporate Wellness is just a soft issue that you will address once you have more time, more money, or more real problems .. then think again! Corporate wellness is now more important than ever and you could be saving (and making) your company a lot of money.

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness is an investment a company makes in their employees by creating an environment that induces a healthier, happier employee and a more relaxed workplace. The aim for corporate wellness is to improve the overall productivity, health and morale of staff, while reducing stress levels in the workplace. All together healthier, happier, active, productive people working together. Isn't this how it’s supposed to be?

Business outcomes could include lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, which means greater work productivity, and in turn leads to better employee retention, and lower health care costs.

So now that you know what corporate wellness is and how you can benefit from it, how can you achieve this?

To start there are a couple of things you need:

As with everything you need a plan of action.

You need a program that is both simple and practical.

You’re work environment needs to be shifted towards a health-conscious workplace.

Your wellness program needs to be holistic and incorporated into the work structure.

The wellness program needs to offer education as well as lifestyle support.

Once you've created an environment where healthy and happy is key, people will move towards appreciating themselves, and striving to become the best they can be will be a natural follow-on from that. Everyone benefits, and a healthier, happier employee means a happy, healthy company.

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