Get a Lunch-time Revitalising Massage with your Next Conference at Intundla

Intundla Conference Venue Gauteng now offers our Conference Groups a quick 5 to 10 minute revitalizing neck and shoulder massage in the serene scenery on the lawn under the trees, overlooking the dam.  Come and unwind and recuperate during your lunch break, 3 of your conference delegates can slip away at a time to get rid of their stress, sore muscles and tiredness and ready themselves for the afternoon session in the conference room.

The effects of stress is numerous but one thing is for sure, if you are stressed and tired your concentration levels drop. The best cure for stress is to stop what you’re doing, give yourself a break. Put work on hiatus and do something else. Your mind will start to get used to being stressed and the only way you can break free of the cycle of stress is to change what you’re doing. There are lots of relaxation techniques available but one of the best ways is breathing. Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling while concentrating on each breath as it fills your lungs. Keep focussing all your attention on your breathing until you are thinking and feeling nothing else. You can gain an enormous amount of benefit from this technique and even more so if it’s combined with the great outdoors and a gently massage to ebb away at those sore muscles, concerns and stress.

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We can handle groups of up to 36 people in the hour and it will cost R800/hour for this service. The Lunch-time Revitalising Massages must be booked in advance, so discuss your company needs with our friendly Conference Co-ordinators.

Good news is that we are also in the process of building a Spa at the Game Lodge itself! We promise to keep you posted with photos, plans and the progress.

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