Social Media and Getting Married

Today’s bride is doing things a little bit differently than the bride of a decade ago. From the moment she gets engaged till she gets married and after. Everything gets recorded on social media. You will see one of the first things a bride does is announce her engagement with a picture of her ring on Facebook.

According to, within hours of saying “yes,” 28% of brides-to-be update their social media statuses, while 24% do so the next day. And then of course the wedding planning starts and no bride today does so without the help of Pinterest. In fact 70% of women were already pinning on Pinterest before even getting engaged.

Social Media is a great tool for planning your wedding and collecting pictures and ideas about venues, décor, flowers, wedding dresses and your wedding cake. But social media can also create problems for the happy couple. Think about the gushing mother of the bride that pre-maturely announces her daughter’s engagement on Facebook and stealing their thunder, before the newly-engaged couple gets a chance to do so themselves. Or an overenthusiastic bridesmaid posts a picture of the bride in her wedding gown and shares it with the world even before the lucky groom has a chance to see her walk down the aisle.

This can be very worrying for any engaged couple planning their wedding, especially if you are of the more camera/social-media shy populace. If the bride-to-be is hoping to immortalize her beautiful wedding day and have the best wedding photographer take only the most dazzling and flattering photos, then she won’t be too happy with a shutter-bug cousin posting a photo of her on Facebook stuffing wedding cake in her mouth in a rather insalubrious fashion.

With this in mind it is only natural and fair that as a Bride you can have some Social Media Etiquette at your Wedding.

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