Simple but useful insights before you start planning your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be very stressful at times. Worrying about the wedding dress, the guest list, and the wedding venue, every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. The truth is that you are not alone and that most brides and grooms have the same worries. Here are some insights to eliminate that wedding planning stress, or at least reduce it.

○ Find inspiration for your wedding in magazines, articles, on the internet, etc. (Look at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa Facebook page or ask  Szoosh our in-house Décor Specialist)

○ Always try to work together, as bride and groom, on your wedding budget.

○ When planning your wedding guest list, remember to prioritize the guests.

○ Hire a validated professional wedding photographer, or alternatively, at the very least choose a good camera.

○ Book a wedding venue that compliments the rest of your wedding. You will remember this Day for the rest of your life.

At Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa we have a Beautiful Wedding Chapel that will make your wedding memorable. We also have a reputation for stunning and glamorous weddings, mouth-watering cuisine, an absolute idyllic honeymoon suite, and ample accommodation for your wedding guests.

Why wait any longer?

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