beat the back to work blues with a raft building challenge

Put the energy back into the team with a raft building challenge

It is natural for the energy of a team to ebb and flow, the trick is to sustain the highs and curtail the lows. It is important for the team to take a break, unwind, disconnect from the work challenges, recharge, and return to work feeling energised and refreshed.
However, after coming back from a holiday the pace of work will be notably slower than before the break. The team will take time changing gears and adjusting to the business-as-usual status and will naturally prefer to ‘ease’ themselves back into work. During this period before the team gets back up to speed energies will be low and the team focus will be off, which can be frustrating for the team leader.

Allow some leeway

Expect the team to need some time to adjust after a break. Don’t set any important meetings or demand peak performance for the first few days back at work.

Then take the team for a breakaway

A quick break away to do some early Team Building can get the team revved up and back up to speed faster than waiting for it to happen naturally at work.
Having just had a refreshing break, returning to the usual office life can be a shock to the system. Prevent any post-holiday melancholy from setting in by taking the team out of the office environment and allow the team members to have fun whilst working together. The earlier the better after the holiday will see the team's energy being jump-started, ready to tackle the challenges of the next quarter.

Raft Building Challenge at Intundla

After the recent rainfall, our dam is full again and ready for the raft building challenge. With the hot summer weather, building a raft and pitting your raft and team against the competition is a fantastic way to boost the energy, morale, and excitement of the team, and stay cool (if your raft was less than well built).
After the challenge, your team can retire to one of our bomas to chat by the fireside about the day's events and discuss the holidays. The fireside gathering can be used to look at the plans for the coming period and to remind the team of their importance and their part in the bigger picture.

Having successfully navigated the challenges of the Team Building building activities at Intundla, your team will be ready to tackle the new period.

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