A Quick Focus on the Groom’s Fashion (with wonderful pictures)

Sometimes it can be difficult for a guy to decide on what he should wear to his wedding. With the “metro man” now being popular, men do not really want to wear the conventional wedding suit anymore. Apart from the wedding clothes, the photographs are also important as this is the beginning of a lifetime of memories that are being made.

Have a look at these wonderful pictures of grooms and their wedding attire. Each of them has a different look but remain true to their unique personality. Another important aspect here is where their photographs and where it is taken. It is clear that the bush look in the background compliments their style. 

The classic formal grooms look


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This “classic look” suit clearly doesn’t go out of style. Always being reinvented with the latest fashions but remaining timeless at its very core .


Stylish woven cloth suits


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The orange flower adds a nice touch and brings the grey colour of the suit to life and the weaves in the fabric add depth and texture.


Groomsmen all sporting the same style shoes


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A step away from the traditional “groom with black shoes”, this contrasting but duplicated style adds interest and lightens the tone for the groom and groomsmen.


If you decide to wear a tie...make a splash


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The colour purple has been associated with royalty, and this tie does its justice. It also adds a striking compliment enhancing the groom's buttonhole flowers.


Pimped up the three-piece suit


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This image shows a spectacular way to pull off the three-piece suit look. However, make sure you don't outshine the bride on the day!


Soften the formal “wedding day” look by adding something casual


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This is a great outfit for those grooms that don’t want to get into the traditional wedding suit.

Whatever the fashion style of the groom, with the beautiful landscapes at our Game Lodge as the backdrop, you can have your perfect wedding at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa. 

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