The often overlooked and under acknowledged stress of attending a Wedding

When looking at the toll that a wedding takes on a person, it is the bride that usually steals all the thunder of the stressful planning, organising, and seeing a wedding majestically to the end, despite all the things that could, would and often do go wrong.
After the event the bride’s ruffled feathers are gently smoothed back into place by all the ladies soothing remarks of “you did such a great job!” or “you could do this professionally, you know” and even “old [insert grooms name here] doesn’t know how lucky he is to have married you”.

But what about the poor frazzled guests and VIP’s?  Attending a wedding is hard work and accepting a VIP spot like best man or maid of honour forces you to un-tap previously unknown measures of calm and poise by the pint full!

As the brides plans begin to unfold loaded with expectations, the groom and then VIP’s are the first to take casualties.

The dress chosen for the bridesmaids and first fitting may require nerves of steel and many tactical retreats.  It helps to remember that the bride is under enormous strain and in this state can only be truly influenced by images in bride’s magazines, Pinterest and various wedding authorities (like a dress maker). So it follows that the eyebrow raising bride’s maid’s outfit is a natural result of trying to cram as many ideas/themes in as possible. After all she only gets one wedding, well traditionally that is. The bridesmaid’s first reaction to shred the outfit is tempered to the well-known and often used gem “Wow! If you shorten it, you could wear it for other occasions…”

If the groom knows what is good for him he quickly realises that he has to develop fine colour recognition as if it was a survival skill, because it is! For the groom there is an undiscovered realm of white…cream, ivory, diamond white, stark white, silk white in a dangerous high pressure environment. One slip and the price of the ring could go up!

The guests have it mildly easier. They just have to dash around from one gift registry to the next and scrum with the rest of the guests to pick one of the few reasonably priced gifts from a long list of financially crippling items. When they pitch up gift in hand there is an expectation for the average guest to become some sort of wedding guest super hero. Like MR. Conversation,  The Amazing Fun-Starter, Story-Telling Princess, The Fantastic Red Rose Dancer, The Dark Drinker (that’s for whoever bankrolled the wedding drinks).

Perhaps some sort of wedding post traumatic support group needs to be started to assist with the recovery and rehabilitation of all wedding attendees.  Call it WARR PTSD (Wedding Attendees Recovery & Rehabilitation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Or you can skip all this anguish and get the help of our professional Conference Coordinators here at Intundla Wedding Venue. We’re here to help!

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