Mexican Themed Dinner – a laid-back south-of-the-border Bash at Intundla

Mexican themed dinners are the most fun, or, as one of our guests remarked - frikking amazing! And getting the venue ready is a blast too because for once we don’t have to worry about anything clashing. It’s hard to go overboard when it comes to a Mexican party, and the bolder the colours the better!  So this is exactly what we did for a recent client, Anchor Yeast, for their Event at Intundla - a Mexican celebration, with decorations in hot pink, aqua, and lime, and any other bright and bold colour we could find, and of course we paired the bold décor with matching bright flavours on the menu for our guests. As they arrived, we kept them happy with quesadillas, chips, and guacamole, all washed down with some ice cold Coronas.

Mexican Slang you need to know before your themed dinner

Wey - Only used amongst good friends (which we'll all be after your themed dinner at Intundla), and could mean anything like dude/friend/buddy/you're-the-man. Use it like no wey man! And hey wey!

Estoy crudo - this is not really slang, but a phrase you'll probably use the day after your themed dinner at Intundla, meaning I'm hungover.

Que padre - This you'll use a lot when you tell others about Intundla, and means that’s awesome/really good!

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