Make your Events Count

Because hosting Conferences and Team building events is something we do on a daily basis, it would be safe to say we are experts in this field. So here we have some ideas to help you make the most out of your events, whether it is a seminar, year-end function, conference or team build.

Name challenge

Set a challenge at the beginning of the event, to be completed for a prize…

For a large gathering set the challenge for them to find someone with the same name or initials. This will at the very least have your them asking each other’s names. But don’t make it too easy – don’t give them name cards, that’s cheating!

Mystery word

A bit of silliness brings out the giggles – a sure way to turn yours’ into a memorable event. But silliness is best served in bite-sized pieces.

During a break or specified time slot, have your guests stick a card containing a mystery word (which has been prepared beforehand) to their forehead. Then asking yes/no questions only, each has to guess their word. This works well in groups too – the first group to get all their answers win!

Word search

Setting down a communal word-search could be just that little something to give weary brains a rest. These are great during breaks or lunch times, or afterwards at the bar.

Contact our Conference Coordinators if you need help with ideas!

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