Let the Games Begin - Team Building at Intundla

Let the Games Begin – Team Building at Intundla

Recognising the importance of a good working environment, Intundla Game Lodge has built up a reputation over the years as the Teambuilding Venue of choice for hosting the most exciting and adventurous teambuilding activities that are simply unmatchable and includes activities that will enhance social relations between co-workers while encouraging communication, teamwork and generally get a better understanding of each other and the working environment.

Why do teambuilding at Intundla Game Lodge?

Teambuilding exercises are a great way for companies to challenge individuals in an out-of-office environment while promoting and developing positive attitudes amongst co-workers.  Participating in such an event has the ability to promote leadership, develop effective communication and increase team morale while enhancing problem-solving and analytical skills.  It also leaves teams with a sense of achievement and a shared experience of success. The benefits of participating and hosting a teambuilding exercise are not only to the advantage of the business but also to individual growth.

World class teambuilding

On a specially designed course, teammates must work together to reach a collective goal by participating in challenges that entail an escape from a “prisoner of war camp” environment while avoiding alarms and traps.  By working together, teammates have to cross small obstacles, collect selected tools, unlock gates, eliminate “guards” and unravel a password to reach friendly forces.  In typical survivor-style, this exhilarating and fun adventurous activity encourages the support of others while improving teamwork and working relations.

Enjoy more activities while extending your stay

Apart from various survival games, Intundla Game Lodge also offers alternative activities that include rock climbing, abseiling, archery, laser pigeon shooting, paintball, canoe games and a popular raft building challenge.  Alternatively, companies or small businesses can opt for other activities like a potjiekos competition, a cocktail competition or an exciting and insightful Intundla game drive. Apart from activities, Intundla also offers luxury accommodation so a day with fun-filled activities can change into a memorable weekend. Why rush home when you can stay and enjoy the beauty of the Game Lodge surroundings.

Challenge your team to an exciting and unforgettable experience.  Contact us and book your teambuilding adventure today!

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