Kick your corporate function off on the right foot

A great corporate function doesn’t just happen, where the team relationships are built upon through effortless communication, strong bonds are formed and the team leaves as a pumped-up-dynamic-lean-cohesive-machine, ready to tackle the next project.

Be ready for the early arrivals
There will always be people that get there early – especially if they are traveling separately to the function venue.
You need to be ready to greet people as they arrive and make them feel welcome. If there is no one there for the early arrivals, they may feel like they are not important and this will affect the mood of the team.

Greet warmly
There may be many people coming but make sure you take the time and have the support to ensure that each and every arrival feels like they were expected and are welcome. Make first-contact with a warm handshake, good eye contact and use their name as you greet them.

Don’t delay with the food and drinks
Corporate Functions have an agenda and the refreshments can be dangled tantalisingly out of reach of the team with a firm do-not-touch-until-the-end. Now if your purpose is to the get the team to connect, any networking done will be stiff and formal until people have a drink in hand and some snacks on a plate. Team connections are built most effectively over food and drinks. People feel more relaxed when there is something to eat and drink and this opens the floor for great networking.

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