Keep the customers happy by treating your employees well

Depending on the way your company is structured your best equipped employees for handling customer care may not in fact be the ones at the front line acting as your company ambassadors. So how do you make sure that no matter who is the first contact for a customer, the customer always leaves with a great impression?

Your best clients are your existing customers

In our efforts to secure additional business we sometimes overlook or undervalue our existing customers. Keeping the customers happy will ensure that they return to do business with your company rather than trying out the competition.
The first contact leaves a lasting impression and if the new customer feels they received good service and good value they are well on their way to becoming loyal customers. Every contact thereafter with the customer has to leave them feeling like they are being understood and they are your top priority. The only way to successfully achieve this is to take a close look at your company culture.  Start collecting feedback from your employees to find out what is working, what would help them provide a better service, be more productive, etc.
Be open and allow your employees to have their say. Use Team Building Activities to break the ice and help improve the group dynamics and communication.

Improving your company culture creates happy loyal customers

Keeping employees happy does not just mean raises to salaries or performance bonuses. Despite money being an important and necessary factor, handing out more of it is not necessarily going to increase productivity or make people go the extra mile.
Most people want to feel like they belong and are appreciated for their efforts.  In fact just upping the recognition given to employees is shown to improve productivity, customer handling and office culture and reduce staff turnover.
Here an info-graphic with 20 ways to reward employees without having to spend money.


20 Ways to Reward Your Employees Without Spending a Dime (Infographic)This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee pulse survey software to help you improve your company culture.

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