Keep morale high when the going gets tough

That 80’s song comes to mind “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. But how do you make sure that your team is tough enough?  Our economy is demanding, challenging and highly competitive and we certainly don’t have the luxury of sitting back and letting the business stream in. If the team is not actively securing business, facing difficult situations with innovation and motivation, then they are going to fall behind.
Cracking the whip will only go so far and creates a fear based environment that produces reluctant team members. To stay on top the work environment needs to evolve to produce a tough team.

Out of office for some feel good time
If its getting tough in the office then take the team out to ease the pressure and tensions. Start a project that is for a greater good and the ‘feel good’ that comes with being able to help the less fortunate will filter back into the workplace.

Tighten up the team relationships
We see it in the movies where the weakest link is the downfall of the intrepid team and the success of their adventure. The same is true of the workplace – if you have some weak links or negativity it can spoil the team dynamics. Stamp it out and go Team Building to reinforce the teams trust in each other and communication.

Reward the achievements
Especially the small things as a little encouragement goes a long way. Focussing on rewarding the small things means that there will be more praise handed out in the office, the mood will be lighter and every team member is more likely to do something worthy of praise.

Build the dream
It is tough toiling away for someone else’s dream. Include the team in the dream. We all need to know that this is not just a job but we are part of some greater purpose. Take some time to paint the picture and in the process you will be showing the team that they are on board with a winning company.

Unlock your team spirit

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