Is work-life balance a Myth?

Most of us don’t have much control over the hours we work, and for some, it might feel that work-life balance is a total myth. But there is a way, and if you can learn to focus your time and resources on the things that you can control, you can start getting your life back.

Schedule time off

Some people go as far as planning for their holidays, long weekends, and time off first, before planning for anything else for that year. If you can achieve this great! But if you struggle to plan this far ahead, then just start with your week. Plan some time with your family, date-night with your wife or girlfriend, or perhaps a lunch with friends. You have to be pro-active in your planning, if you don’t, you are more likely to succumb to work pressure.

Limit mobile use

This is probably the biggest culprit in stealing our time and energy. Here is where you have to set yourself clear boundaries. Most smartphones have a do not disturb function, you can set when to enable and disable your notifications, and most phones will even allow weekly planner start and end times, as well as allow for some exceptions, like calls. (You can’t miss the call from your wife!) If you struggle to keep to your resolutions, take each day at a time, with practise even the most die-hard can’t-survive-without-checking-the-phone-every-2-seconds-person can get better!

Live in the moment

Even when you are at a conference or team building event, you can still switch off and relax, take in the moment and create more enjoyment in your life. As long as this is not during the presentation, but AFTER! At Intundla Conference & Team Building Venue just outside Pretoria, you will have plenty of reasons to unwind and get your groove back. Not only is our beautiful Lodge situated in prime game reserve surroundings, but we offer excellent team building activities, to help distract and re-energize from the normal humdrum of life.

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