How to Increase Delegate Engagement at Conferences

Go Viral at your next ConferenceIn our fast paced world it has become more and more difficult to engage delegates at a conference. If you have recently attended, or spoken at a conference lately, you will know that it is nothing new seeing most people focussed on their laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. while the speaker is trying his/her best to share meaningful content.

So how do we overcome the challenges we are facing today? Do we fight them and demand that delegates don’t use any electronic devices during conference sessions, or do we look at how we can use modern technology to our advantage and to increase delegate engagement.

Any conference or event is the perfect setting to incorporate social media and to use this to increase communication among delegates, build your brand, increase conference energy and interaction, etc. You are no longer limited to the break rooms, coffee stations or the sharing of ideas over the buffet during lunch. You can get delegates to network and communicate over content from anywhere and everywhere at the conference without limiting them to one plenary session. Social media really is one Big Conversation, why not use this communication platform to power up your next conference.

Benefits of Building Social Media into your Conference or Event

  • Delegates are encouraged to share content that was meaningful to them. This helps them take something back to the office that will be remembered for much longer. It also increases their focus on the speaker and content in their search for meaning and value.
  • Delegates can engage over content while waiting for the next speaker, it is as easy and quickly as tweeting about the last speaker and topic.
  • If you get your speakers to participate you get an instant commendation for your conference from the leaders in your field which will grow your brand awareness and loyalty.
  • It makes engaging and connecting with speakers and other delegates so much easier, to the point and more effective.
  • You can build a following over the entire period of the conference with increased engagement as the conference progresses.
  • Using #hashtags correctly can benefit your conference/ industry/ product and gain exposure over larger networks and audiences.
  • Better audience engagement promotes vigour at the conference/event and this leads to enhanced delegate satisfaction.
  • The conversation doesn’t end when the conference flag drops.
  • You will gain better insight into how the delegates experienced the conference and comprehensive feedback about speakers and content. This will guarantee an even better conference the next time.

Look out for our Upcoming Article How to Effectively Integrate Social Media into your Next Conference.

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