How to Create a Mind-blowing Presentation

Whether you are giving a talk to a few people from your office as part of your regular conference or team build or having to deliver an authoritative speech to thousands, it doesn’t matter. The same principles apply and you still have to engage your audience and avoid the embarrassment of them stifling some yawns or worse falling asleep. But not everyone has had training as a public speaker and for most this can be a daunting task even if you know your audience really well and work alongside them on a daily basis.

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Here is a framework of how to give that killer speech.

Research your Audience

This is the best place to start regardless of what you need to talk about. You can’t even begin to create your speech until you know your audience. What are their fears, their hopes, their concerns, what do they need help with and what are their expectations? 

Open with a Bang!

The most important part of your speech is the first couple of minutes as well as the last at the end of your presentation. People aren’t interested in your biography or a commercial ad about your company, they are interested in themselves only so talk to their interests. The best way to open your talk is by giving your audience a framework of what your presentation is about and deliver it in a fascinating and intriguing way.

Rethink your PowerPoint Presentation

Most of us have been on the receiving end of a presentation we call “death by PowerPoint”. This is where the speaker uses his PowerPoint slideshow as an outline mostly for their own benefit as notes or as visual note keeping for the audience. Instead use your PowerPoint to engage your audience on an emotional level. Think of your visuals as the music to a great movie – in a movie it is the music that helps to create the feelings of love or fear or drama.

Engage your Audience

Think about ways to engage your audience so that for the next 40 minutes it is not only you that will be doing all the talking. Rather how can you get your audience to tell their own stories and to teach each other? Engage them in a brainstorm session with you or play a game. Try not to limit yourself or your audience by placing them in a box.

Think Body Language

It doesn’t matter who you are talking to and what you say. If your body language says something else that person will believe your body language and not what you say. It is the same when giving a presentation. What is your body language telling your audience? When you are more focused on engaging with your audience than with your own nervousness your body will follow suit.

Create follow-up Opportunities

Your relationship with your audience shouldn’t end when your presentation is over. Think of ways to stay connected with your audience even after they leave. What can you leave with them or what can you send them? In our world where social media is rife it is easier than ever to stay connected.

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