High-Tech Weddings

Weddings keep changing, adapting and evolving to keep up with the crazy world we live in. These days it is not enough to wear the designer gown as you walk down that red carpet towards your destiny. You also need the latest technology to enhance the keepsakes from your wedding. Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria investigated some of the latest wedding technology.

Wedding GoPro

Brides are hiding cameras in their wedding bouquets or that of one of their bridesmaids. Another clever way is to attach the camera to a bottle and enjoy all the antics from everyone as they take a sip, or two .. (hopefully not too much!) Strap your GoPro to your much-loved pooch and capture your wedding from an extraordinary viewpoint as guests ooh and aah over your mutt. Set your GoPro camera to take a wedding time-lapse with a unique creative look of the entire day. A time-lapse video is actually a serious of photographs taken in intervals over an extended period of time.

Selfie Sticks

The latest craze in taking self-portraits. Though we’re still not sure if this is fad or trend, it can be a lot of fun if orchestrated in the right way. When used properly, it can give you some of the best photos you’ve ever taken! But best leave it in your handbag during the Wedding Ceremony. The Wedding Ceremony is a sacred time that should be treated with gloves and captured by the professional photographer. Selfie sticks are wonderful to catch those special moments on the dance floor and a fantastic opportunity to take priceless group pictures that you'll treasure for years to come.


The GIF Photo Booth

This is an amazing new wedding fad that will most probably become a must-have for all weddings. The GIF Photo Booth takes four photos in succession and then merges them together to form a moving image. This is incredible fun and a wonderful keepsake not just for you but also for your guests.

Image from Mashable.com
Image from Mashable.com

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