Getting Married – First Steps

Congratulations! If you are reading this blog chances are you’re getting married soon. This is a very exciting time but for some brides it could also be terrifying. The thought of having to plan a big event like a wedding from scratch can seem like a monstrous mountain to climb! Don’t despair! Planning a wedding should be fun and we are here to help. Intundla Wedding Venue is ideally located close to Pretoria and only 55 minutes from OR Tambo, but the Lodge also sits within beautifully pristine game reserve surroundings, just perfect for your special day. You also get the expert help from our in-house Wedding Coordinators to ensure your day goes totally seamless.

So now that the wave of euphoria that comes from being engaged has settled a bit you’re wondering where to start? We suggest the best place to start is with your wedding guest list. The reason we’re suggesting this is because the size of your wedding party will largely determine the budget you will need. Some might suggest you start with your budget, but we feel the best way to ensure the success of your very special day is to have all your loved ones present as witnesses to your marriage but also as part of the beginning of your journey together as husband and wife. So start writing down the names of the people you and your husband-to-be love most and the ones that you simply cannot imagine getting married without having them there! Once you’ve established the size of your wedding party you can start fleshing out your budget.

What is most important to you on your Wedding Day? It is essential that you and your partner discuss this. You can avoid many heartaches by knowing what you both want and what your expectations are.

Do you want an intimate wedding or a large wedding? Share your thoughts with us.

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