Engagement Parties – all you need to know

Congratulations! You’re the lucky girl boasting a sparkling new diamond on your finger and your summer holiday will never be forgotten. You’ve probably been celebrating since your Prince Charming went down on one knee, but there is always room for an Engagement Party! This is a great opportunity to bring people from both sides together in a less formal way before all the serious Wedding planning starts.

Although this is a less formal event you do need to consider a few basics before rushing into inviting everyone.

Bridal Party – Now is the time to start thinking about who you’d like to be by your side on your Wedding day (apart from your future husband of course). If you play your cards right you can engage your Maid of honour and bride’s maids in all your planning right from the beginning. Also note that you can’t invite someone to your engagement party and NOT invite them to your Wedding. Unless you’re planning on having your Wedding in another country and you know they won’t be able to come to that.

Who should host it? – Traditionally the bride’s parents hosted the Engagement party and footed the bill, but we live in a modern society where brides and grooms now make their own traditions. You can decide to host it yourself, have more than one party, and even have a good friend host it (this person will most likely be your Maid of honour). Just remember whoever hosts the party will most likely end up paying for it.

Gifts or no gifts? – People are not expected to bring gifts but there are people who like to give Engagement gifts none the less. If you have your Wedding Gift Registry set up already you could give that to friends and family who ask, but don’t advertise this. You could also choose to have a note on the invitation saying No Gifts. More importantly be discreet and keep in mind that your Wedding is still coming up, and open your gifts after the guests have gone.

Invitations – Your Engagement party doesn’t have to follow the same theme as your Wedding so don’t worry about deciding on your Wedding theme now. You’ll have plenty of time after the party to start planning for your big day. Remember the Engagement Party is less formal so you can even send invitations via email.

This is a very special time of your life, treasure every second, don’t get carried away and always know that people are the most important part of any story. And yes you are allowed to show off and brag about your ring endlessly!

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