Engage your Team from the Start with these great Icebreakers

We all know it is hard enough to get your Team together in one room, with diaries that are crammed with other meetings and engagements. It is even harder once you have them all together to get them open, responsive and engaged. Whether you are meeting for a Strategy Session, Workshop or Weekly meet, below are some of the best icebreakers to warm them up, clear the cobwebs from their overloaded minds and get them interacting.

How much do you need?

This is one of the most fun games and will also build loyalty and trust between team members. Nothing like opening up and sharing something of yourself to build relationships. It will also get a lot of laughs!

Pass a roll of toilet paper around the table (or tables if the group is large).

Tell the participants to take as much toilet paper as they would need to get the job done.

The laughter will get them loosened up already and then you tell them that for every square of toilet paper they tore off, they must tell the group one thing about themselves.

Stack the Cups

This is a much simpler game and helps break the ice immediately as they arrive at the venue. (Of course Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa is your first choice!)

As your participants arrive, they must each take one plastic cup, or more if you have a smaller group. They must stack the cups one on top of the other on a designated flat table.

The tension and fun will build as more people arrive and the difficulty of not knocking everyone else’s cups down intensifies. 

String your Talk

This is a great game if you have a few quiet people in your group or team. Also, the distraction of the string promotes talking. It will also stop the big talkers from monopolising the floor.

Cut a long string or ball of wool into various lengths from 30 centimetres to a metre long.

Bunch them all together in a bowl.

Each person gets a turn to take any piece of string, slowly wind it around their finger and while they do so they must introduce themselves and talk until the string is completely wound up.

The fun part is that some people get a long string and must keep talking, while others have to say everything they need to in a very short time!

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