Don’t let these wedding myths spoil the magic on your wedding day

From sourcing the perfect wedding venue to picking out the confetti, there is so much pressure riding on the wedding planner to get everything right on the big day. Over the course of the wedding planning stage to the closing of the ‘perfect’ day, tensions increase close to breaking point. With all this stress in play, any minor mishap or deviation from the plan can cause a completely disproportionate reaction, or even a total meltdown. And suddenly in the heat of the moment, breaking a wedding myth could put the bride, groom, bride’s mom, etc. into a flat spin that is tough to recover from.
So before something happens that spoils the day here are a few myths that you don’t need to worry about.

It’s your special day

Your wedding is not about you, as you will quickly find out when the bride’s or groom’s mom steps into the ring ‘just to help you out a little bit’. The people attending your wedding have expectations and some will have no problem letting you know how disappointed they are that you didn’t think to include [insert tradition, circumstance or uninvited person here].  Be prepared to have to haggle over the wedding plans, give in on certain issues and show that you are at least seriously considering a suggestion before you dismiss it.

The wedding dress has to be white

It’s fine to break from tradition and walk down the aisle in a non-white dress. Traditionally the white dress represented virginal purity and if your dress had any other colour, you were announcing that you were not a virgin. But today there are some fantastic wedding dresses and accessories that will add that splash of colour, enhancing the bride’s beauty.

You will never look as beautiful as you did on your wedding day

With all the wedding planning stress, sleepless nights, last minute jitters… it’s a miracle that you don’t look your worst! Even if you are showing a few cracks, a new nervous tick or two, a couple of grey extra hairs and a few wrinkles, remember that the photographer can always Photoshop you later.

Dropping the rings or seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck

To be more correct if you drop the ring that person will die. If both rings are dropped then the first one that lands represents the first to die. Not the kind of thing you want to be thinking about just before you say ‘I do”. And don’t worry if you accidently get a sneak preview of the bride on the wedding day, as a modern groom you’ve probably helped pick the dress out, or at least been present at some of the fittings.

Rain is an omen of some kind (post wedding tears that will be cried, good luck, bad luck, cleansing, fertility boosting…)

Rain on the wedding day has many meanings but the only one you should worry about is if your wedding is about to take place outdoors.

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