Different Characters at a Wedding

Intundla Wedding Venue looks at some non-traditional roles that can be overlooked but are often the most essential in keeping your wedding pointing firmly away from disaster.

From the moment the groom to be kneels in front of his intended and utters these 4 words “will you marry me?” a force of nature is unleashed that is capable of sweeping whole families, relatives and friends along in a relentless surge to the altar and the ultimate commitment of those 4 words.
It’s only in hindsight that we see how much of what happened was by the good fortune of having the right people step in at the right time and at the right place.

While some of the roles are traditionally assigned, such as the Best Man and Maid of Honour and shouldn’t be altered, at least not during the same wedding preparations! And others are cast in stone, like Bride and Groom and unfortunately the In-Laws (although you don’t have to live with the In-Laws… hopefully)!

The planner

There is a reason that this has become an employment opportunity as it is not necessary that the poor bride’s shoulders be burdened with all this responsibility. It is also not a prerequisite that the bride has to have the time and be gifted with the art of making notes and drawing up lists, keeping deadlines, tracking responses, updating gift registries, etc. and besides there is a lot on the brides plate already. So look for a planner, you don’t necessarily have to pay one, as there are usually a few of these compulsive list makers in the immediate family.

How to spot them – they have a pen and paper ready at all times and are always working off some sort of list. Their approach to tasks is planned in a logical step by step process where jumping from step 1 to step 4 never ever happens!

What they are good for – Keeping things on track, organised, neat and tidy. Crunching numbers and holding you to your budget.

Possible Pitfalls – The planner has an unfortunate need to be in control and once firmly secured in the driving seat will not be budged or swayed by ideas and suggestions that are not their own! So relinquish control at your own peril.

The Peacemaker

This is an emotional time where the people in certain roles (In-Laws, Mother-of-the-Bride, etc.) want to have their say too and have their own expectations for your wedding. When the train tracks divide and the new direction becomes a point of contention for certain parties, then you will need a peacemaker to step in and keep the planning on track by applying emergency first aid to any bruised egos.

How to spot them – These characters are genial, non-volatile, easy going and good at defusing potential conflicts, it helps if they are chubby and rosy cheeked.

What they are good for – Helping the inevitable different fractions, that planning a wedding creates, feel heard and valuable. Use them as messengers, peace envoys and negotiators.

Possible pitfalls – can be a bit too laid back or not assertive enough when the fit really hits the shan.

The Decider

Weddings require so many levels of decisions that the average person can get decision fatigue which will cause them to randomly select themselves into a tangled mess. Enter the decision maker who always has a clear picture of the ultimate goal and can decide in an instant whether bone white or ivory napkins are going to bring you closer to that goal or lead you off course.

How to spot them – They are the take charge no nonsense types that can spot an open parking bay in a busy mall and have the fastest route planned to get you there before you can say “um… so where shall we park?”.

What are they good for – making the tough decisions, negotiating with suppliers, getting people to be in the right places at the right times and going in as acting sheriff to sort everyone out when your Peacemaker has been shot down.

Possible pitfalls – Can be power mad control freaks so treat with care.

The Party Starter

Empty silences, awkward foot shuffling, conversations about the weather and empty dance floors are a thing of the past when a Party Starter is in the room.

How to spot them – You will usually hear them coming before you see them. They always have lots of jokes or stories that are told in an animated often side-tracked, convoluted delivery, but are none the less entertaining for all the detours and backtracking.

What they are good for – Breaking the ice and keeping the fun dial turned up!

Possible pitfalls – Can get a bit sulky if the spotlight moves off them and become impossible drama queens when they run out of fun juice. So keep them topped up with plenty of attention!

There is a lot to do and plan to get a wedding right on the day. In fact regardless of all the meticulous planning some of the best, most memorable wedding days have come together only with the help of a few special people and some unplanned, good old fashioned luck.

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