The best Wedding Destination in Gauteng

I know every bride has reached this point at some time:

                I wish we could just run away and get married already!

Then perhaps a destination wedding is for you.

Destination weddings have been popular for many years (even decades) – hosting your dream day at your dream location, be it white beaches, woody forests or the beautiful South African bushveld. It’s a chance for a total dream experience, not just that one perfect day.

All the reason to just do it!

Most venues (like here at Intundla Wedding Venue) offer a fully packaged deal: We provide accommodation, venues for the ceremony & reception, catering, décor & a full planning service. It’s the perfect solution to making your day hassle free.

Some venues will also organise activities for your guests to enjoy while ‘on holiday’ for your wedding, to make their trip extra special too.

And while you’re here – enjoy a spa experience with your friends & family!

Keep in mind that your wedding will probably be on the small side as some guests may not be able to afford the travel, but there are various options to get the most out of this:

1) This is the perfect ‘excuse’ not to invite your second-cousin-removed-on-your-dad’s-brother’s-wife’s-side… “It’s just a small wedding, sorry.”

2) With a shorter guest list, you could opt to push additional funds into your ceremony or reception. Or you could ensure the important people do get to join you, by helping fund their travel costs. Or do both!

Here’s the ultimate reason for a destination wedding:

You can do it anywhere in the world! Anywhere you heart desires… and no further travelling required because you’re already at your honeymoon destination!

Now sit back, sip your cocktail, and enjoy a beautiful day overlooking the splendour that Intundla Game Lodge Wedding Venue offers.

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