Dancing at wedding receptions – a wedding guest spotters guide

No matter how fancy the wedding reception, wedding venue or how tasteful the wedding décor, the dance floor is the great un-doer of all pretenses to refinement. It is as if there was a memo sent out to the guests, notifying them that when it comes to dancing, certain moves are considered compulsory.
It’s not that the guests actually practice any dance routines in advance, as with the bride and groom.  Some moves just rise up inside and take control of the body without the person realising that they are busy ‘busting a move’. At other functions most people are a bit more restrained, but for some reason a wedding brings out our repressed inner dancing beast/queen.

The Pulp Fiction Twist

The Stayin’ Alive AKA John Travolta

Huggy the Bear or I Go/You Go

The Dipper – Swooning Woman

…and when it all gets too much

Image Credits

All images were taken at Intundla Game Lodge by Stella Sassen Photography

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