Conference venue technology – remember the old days?

Remember the old conferences with the transparent projectors and the file of hand drawn or printed transparencies? The speaker would um and aahh while walking backwards and forwards to change slides and then realise that it was displaying upside down, back to front or both. After being satisfied that the slide is OK the audience would be subjected to an eye watering few moments when the focus was adjusted.

Conferences would take place in darkened rooms so people could see the slides and then the attendees would occasionally be released into the blinding light outside for a quick smoke break.

File-o-faxes were the order of the day and the lucky few reps had brick sized cell phones or car phones with an enormous battery packs. Things were much simpler and people did business face to face. Once you were out of the office you were, for all intents and purposes, out of contact until you sent a fax or got to a landline.

The modern pace of business demands that we are kept up to date with the latest conference technology. Fortunately Intundla is keeping pace providing companies with everything that they need to make a success of their time with us. It is even more important to us that we provide a first rate service as we are surrounded by nature close to Pretoria, but far enough away for visitors to get that ‘out-of-office’ feeling and still be in touch.

We still find that a message can be communicated effectively with the most basic of lines deftly drawn on a flipchart and so maintain the low-tech options. However if you need to video conference with your colleges we have the technology and the bandwidth to make sure that everyone feels like they are communicating face to face. After all even with the best speakers, topics to cover, presentation styles and the most fired up attendees, you still need the basics in place and fully functioning.

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