Conference Venue Greening – Tips to keep your Conference Environmentally Friendly

When attending a Conference or Team Build at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa, you can’t help but notice that you are surrounded by nature. While situated in the heart of Dinokeng we are close enough to Gauteng and Pretoria to give that “away from it all feeling” without even having to think of getting your passport stamped. Staying this close to nature creates a special affinity for the environment and a desire to ensure that there is a legacy for future generations.

Conference Venue Greening is not a difficult process it just takes a bit of planning, special consideration and keeping the environment top of mind for all delegates attending the conference.

Pre-Conference preparation

Think before you print – use electronic correspondence in favour of printing and faxing. When paper needs to be used for example leadership guides, delegate handouts, etc. use recycled paper printed with environmentally friendly inks and look out for carbon neutral printing services for your professional printing needs.

Local is lekker – Make use of local suppliers for your venue decorations and custom conference branding such as T-shirts, pens, lanyards, etc. Support community development initiatives and look out for the Proudly South African label.

Organise your drive in advance – rather than let people get to the venue on their own steam, organise green transport, and provide taxi/bus options that are green friendly or facilitate the organising of a company carpool.

At the Conference

Use energy efficient options such as LED lighting and plasma screens. For the low-tech option use dry-erase boards rather than flip charts.

Most venues have water filters so ask for their water served in glass as opposed to plastic bottles. If plastic bottles are to be used ensure that the venue has recycling in place to dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Make sure that recycling bins are obvious and placed throughout the conference venue.

Allow the venue to take care of any printing needs to reduce travel emissions.

Rather than importing fast foods and disposable plates use the venue restaurant and ensure that meals are served on china and silverware.

Local foods have less transport emissions and choose a vegan or a vegetarian menu over meat options as they have lower greenhouse emissions than produced by animal farming.

Using the Accommodation

Re-use linen and towels to reduce water consumption and detergent use.

Take it all a step further

At Intundla Conference Venue we will help you reduce your Conference carbon footprint and put down some roots in the heart of Dinokeng by supplying trees to buy at wholesale prices. We only add R 10 which we will donate to our local charity.

Find out more about reducing and offsetting your carbon emissions from Climate Neutral Group ( and become a climate neutral organisation.

Buy Carbon Credits – Carbon credits create a market for reducing greenhouse emissions by giving a monetary value to the cost of polluting the air. Emissions become an internal cost of doing business and are visible on the balance sheet alongside raw materials and other liabilities or assets, find out more ( 

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