Drumming as a Team Building Activity – an ancient art remains a very effective tool

The sound of drums stirs up something ancient and primeval, connecting with our subconscious and emotions without checking in with our conscious processes and barriers first. Team Building with drums bypasses inhibitions and creates a platform for effective communication to take place.

Drumming reduces stress

The rhythmic beat of the drums, the feel of the skins and the vibrations allow for individuals to fade into a collective, cohesive group releasing their tension as they let go of their daily worries.

Breaking down barriers

When we are occupied or engrossed in something as consuming as keeping the beat, we stop thinking about ourselves and become more comfortable focusing on the needs of the group. Barriers are broken down - hierarchy, background, gender, race and language, levelling the field and allowing new and stronger connections to be forged.

Cooperation and communication

The beat of the drum has long been used to communicate messages over distances. While this language has faded largely into time, drumming sessions are very effective in setting the scene for further Team Building Activities. When the group is working in unison, where everyone is involved in the process, they will be more accessible, attentive and receptive to instruction and taking on-board new ideas.

Productivity increases

Stress, fear, uncertainty, negativity, self-doubt are all productivity killers. Drumming releases people of these burdens and allows them to realise that they achieved something good as part of a team. Further challenges will be met with more positive attitude as a result of the increased moral achieved during a drumming session.

Client feedback: Just a note to say a massive THANK YOU to the whole team at Intundla. We had a wonderful conference and everyone loved the venue! It's professional, yet relaxed, and the service was great. Staff are all friendly and helpful and the setting is just beautiful. Thank you again!   - Brigitte | Thoughtworks

Build a confident team

Team Building at Intundla will take the confidence of your team to the next level

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Keep these in mind when planning a multicultural wedding

Planning a wedding is a complicated task, requiring nerves of steel to navigate all the possible pitfalls, stay on track and make the right decisions.  Whether the wedding is a small intimate affair or a grand statement of the wedding couple's union, the wedding is always a sacred event.  Trying to cater for multiple religions or cultures can present quite a challenge. While it is important to stay true to the couples closely held beliefs and cultures, a successful multicultural wedding does require a measure of compromise.

Communication is the key

The trouble with people is that they have preconceived ideas and when those expectations are not met there is much drama and hurt feelings. From the beginning of the planning process, keep the cultural and religious influences that will be incorporated into the wedding in the open.

Educate the guests of your intentions

If the wedding requires that the guests wear certain religious items such as a Kippah (Jewish skullcap), inform in advance. Expect a few guests form other cultures to resist and have a backup plan to handle or accommodate their wishes.
If the wedding uses cultural traditions, include a brief explanation of their significance in the wedding program.

Don’t try to please everyone

Having two different weddings to cater for both cultures is expensive. However, trying to cram everything from different cultures into a single wedding ceremony can lead to disaster. Be selective in which traditions to include, a wedding is a perfect event to explore different cultures, so used this moment to introduce the family and guests to some of your cultural traditions.

Be open when approaching a multicultural wedding, as these can lead to some surprising and memorable fusions of traditions, food, outfits, music and décor. Remember, the only person you really need to impress is your partner.

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office romance tips

Be prepared for an office romance and avoid getting compromised

Since the majority of our time is spent in the office, it is inevitable at one point or another a flame will be ignited between you and a colleague. Office romances are frowned on by the bosses for good reason, as the fallout can be disastrous to the team and generally affect the status of the working environment. But, since we are human and allow our feelings get the better of our good judgement, it is wise to be prepared for an office romance before the supressed passion and thrill of being discovered clouds the judgement and leads to a complicated mess.

Keep these tips in mind before plunging into an office romance

Know the rules and understand the consequences.
Reading the company policy on conducting office romances will definitely cool the ardour. Know what the rules are and be ready to accept the consequence if you are planning to start an office romance. The secret will come out eventually and you will have to pay the piper.

...however, if you plan to pursue an office romance....

Whatever happens outside of work stays outside of work

Always socialise outside of the workplace and this includes not arranging a rendezvous close to or in the office.
If you find yourself lingering in the kitchen or near the water station to do some flirting, break the habit and set times after work hours to meet.
Don’t smile, wink, touch or offer any special treatment to the object of your desire during work. However, ‘casual and cool’ you think you are keeping it, your colleagues will notice the sparks and the gossip, rumours and innuendo will begin.

Stay on your own level

Dating someone higher on the corporate ladder can lead to a stagnant career, even if the relationship lasts. The consequences of being discovered can be severe so the boss/lover will not be willing to show any special favour when it comes to promotions.  If fact the odds are good that the boss will treat their partner more harshly as a result of the office romance.

Don’t give the gossips any ammunition

It is difficult not to crow about your newly found love to your colleagues. However, if anyone discovers the office romance (even your most trusted colleagues) you will become the subject of discussion. So keep your own council and resist the urge to post about your romance on social media.

Use your own resources

If you want to send an email, text or make a call, do it at your own expense.  Don’t use your company email account, phone, car or any other perk or benefit on your office romance.

Keep it professional

Not every office romance is destined to end happily ever after. Broken hearts and hurt feelings will create bad vibes in the office environment. Keep your professional mask on when dealing with the person you had an office romance with, and under no circumstances argue or try to exact any revenge in the office.

Disconnected Team?

Does your team need some T.L.C. to get back on track?

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Build confidence at the workplace

Build confidence at the workplace

Striving to Build Confidence at work is a lifelong challenge. Contrary to the relative safety of being nurtured by our parents and teachers, the workplace offers little special attention where competition for recognition is fierce, while criticism is freely given. Given that we have to learn at an accelerated rate, mainly through trial and error, it is how we handle the mistakes that make or break our confidence in the workplace.

Look for opportunities to build confidence

Take recognition where and when you can and build confidence on a daily basis. Now you don’t need to go around the office bragging that you got your pin correct at the ATM, but recognise the little things that were achieved during the day – they all add up! When appropriate take the credit for something that you did well, that has been noticed (you can also subtly draw attention to your work that you consider praiseworthy).

Hold yourself accountable

By publicly ‘announcing’ that you are in charge of a given task or project and will ensure it’s completion in a timely manner, you are setting the stage to get recognition for a job well done. Announcing your goals in the workplace will make you seem more confident. Achieving the goals will make you feel more dynamic and build confidence.

Step forward into the limelight

When you keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, being the centre of attention will become less intimidating. Before a Team Building, office meeting, work function, etc. have a plan to make a significant contribution. Volunteer to be the team leader, offer some considered advice, network with your superiors. Taking the first step is important, so don’t falter or delay – step forward and build on your confidence first, before someone else does.

Confidence comes from personal development

Keep learning and benchmarking with the best in your field. By setting your sights high and actively striving to be like your favourite people of influence, your confidence will grow with your knowledge. Team Building is a fantastic tool for building confidence outside the workplace.
For example: Intundla’s raft building challenge offers a unique situation where leaders can rise in a team and be recognised for being problem solvers.

Confidence breeds confidence

You are not the only one at work who is struggling to build confidence. The workplace can be a negative environment where performance issues, mistakes, quickly come under attack from peers and superiors. Take the negative out of the criticism and treat the feedback as a challenge and a chance to grow. Rather than being another of the ones dragging others down, be the agent of change and look for opportunities to lift team members up.

Build a confident team

Team Building at Intundla will take the confidence of your team to the next level

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Detox Before your Wedding Day

This is your Big day and you want to look and feel your absolute best! But with all the wedding jitters and stress of planning the wedding of your dreams, feeling, and looking like a bride that has stepped out of a Vogue magazine is no easy task.

At Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa we have everything you need for your fairy-tale wedding, stunning accommodation, naturally beautiful surroundings, a romantic chapel, an idyllic honeymoon suite, our magnificent venue for your wedding reception, a large and small Boma for an outdoors wedding reception, but we also boast a Bush Spa. The tranquillity of our Bush Spa offers the perfect sanctuary to help you unwind BEFORE your Wedding.

Take a few extra minutes every day to prepare your body and nourish yourself, this is the best way to achieve that dewy angelic skin, silky hair, strong nails, and flat tummy. Remove simple sugar in all forms including processed foods, sweets, any packaged goods, while incorporating lots and lots of whole foods like veggies (think broccoli, brussels sprouts, greens) as well as eating healthy fats, especially from avocado and fatty fish like salmon. Breakfast smoothies are a fantastic way to get more of the superfoods and will maximise on antioxidant consumption.

The next step would be to book several massage treatments at our Bush Spa in the days leading up to your wedding (why not include your Bridal party). The rhythmic strokes and pressure applied to muscles, tissues, and organs during massage therapy help stimulate the circulatory system, and when pressure is applied to the tissue and fat, toxins are literally “squeezed” out from in between the muscle fibres and cells, and released into the circulatory system for easier elimination. All of this to ensure you look and feel your absolute best!

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beat the back to work blues with a raft building challenge

Put the energy back into the team with a raft building challenge

It is natural for the energy of a team to ebb and flow, the trick is to sustain the highs and curtail the lows. It is important for the team to take a break, unwind, disconnect from the work challenges, recharge, and return to work feeling energised and refreshed.
However, after coming back from a holiday the pace of work will be notably slower than before the break. The team will take time changing gears and adjusting to the business-as-usual status and will naturally prefer to ‘ease’ themselves back into work. During this period before the team gets back up to speed energies will be low and the team focus will be off, which can be frustrating for the team leader.

Allow some leeway

Expect the team to need some time to adjust after a break. Don’t set any important meetings or demand peak performance for the first few days back at work.

Then take the team for a breakaway

A quick break away to do some early Team Building can get the team revved up and back up to speed faster than waiting for it to happen naturally at work.
Having just had a refreshing break, returning to the usual office life can be a shock to the system. Prevent any post-holiday melancholy from setting in by taking the team out of the office environment and allow the team members to have fun whilst working together. The earlier the better after the holiday will see the team's energy being jump-started, ready to tackle the challenges of the next quarter.

Raft Building Challenge at Intundla

After the recent rainfall, our dam is full again and ready for the raft building challenge. With the hot summer weather, building a raft and pitting your raft and team against the competition is a fantastic way to boost the energy, morale, and excitement of the team, and stay cool (if your raft was less than well built).
After the challenge, your team can retire to one of our bomas to chat by the fireside about the day's events and discuss the holidays. The fireside gathering can be used to look at the plans for the coming period and to remind the team of their importance and their part in the bigger picture.

Having successfully navigated the challenges of the Team Building building activities at Intundla, your team will be ready to tackle the new period.

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Engagement Parties – all you need to know

Congratulations! You’re the lucky girl boasting a sparkling new diamond on your finger and your summer holiday will never be forgotten. You’ve probably been celebrating since your Prince Charming went down on one knee, but there is always room for an Engagement Party! This is a great opportunity to bring people from both sides together in a less formal way before all the serious Wedding planning starts.

Although this is a less formal event you do need to consider a few basics before rushing into inviting everyone.

Bridal Party – Now is the time to start thinking about who you’d like to be by your side on your Wedding day (apart from your future husband of course). If you play your cards right you can engage your Maid of honour and bride’s maids in all your planning right from the beginning. Also note that you can’t invite someone to your engagement party and NOT invite them to your Wedding. Unless you’re planning on having your Wedding in another country and you know they won’t be able to come to that.

Who should host it? – Traditionally the bride’s parents hosted the Engagement party and footed the bill, but we live in a modern society where brides and grooms now make their own traditions. You can decide to host it yourself, have more than one party, and even have a good friend host it (this person will most likely be your Maid of honour). Just remember whoever hosts the party will most likely end up paying for it.

Gifts or no gifts? – People are not expected to bring gifts but there are people who like to give Engagement gifts none the less. If you have your Wedding Gift Registry set up already you could give that to friends and family who ask, but don’t advertise this. You could also choose to have a note on the invitation saying No Gifts. More importantly be discreet and keep in mind that your Wedding is still coming up, and open your gifts after the guests have gone.

Invitations – Your Engagement party doesn’t have to follow the same theme as your Wedding so don’t worry about deciding on your Wedding theme now. You’ll have plenty of time after the party to start planning for your big day. Remember the Engagement Party is less formal so you can even send invitations via email.

This is a very special time of your life, treasure every second, don’t get carried away and always know that people are the most important part of any story. And yes you are allowed to show off and brag about your ring endlessly!

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Wedding Cards What to Write

This is the season for Weddings and most of us will attend at least one wedding over the next couple of months. If you’re not one of the poetic types and often get stuck when writing your good wishes for the newlyweds, we are here to help.

Congratulations or Felicitations?

Thankfully we no longer live in a time where it is thought that a woman is lucky when asked their hand in marriage, rather both the man and woman are seen as lucky to have found each other. But there was a time when writing congratulations might have offended the bride-to-be because it was thought of as congratulating her on actually landing a man!

For the most part, writing the wedding card is all about making your words heartfelt. Below are some of our favourite wedding wishes. Feel free to use them and add your own words for that special touch.

May your joining together bring you more happiness than you can imagine.

Our marriage advice: Always kiss the cook, whoever cooks DOESN’T clean.

May the Lord bless you and keep and surround you with love in your new life together.

Your union is a blessing, may it only grow stronger as the days go by.

The love you share is immense and sweet. May your love never fade away.

The love you share is an inspiration to everyone who knows you. We wish a world of happiness to the beautiful couple.

Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.

Wedding Tip: Include a wedding quote in your card, especially when you don't know what to say.

“Insomuch as love grows in you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” ~ St. Augustine


“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Wedding Venue Pretoria

Love, friendships, fruit and wedding memories

Chéri and John Barrett tied the knot at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 24 September. Their wedding photographer, Sharon from Imaginary Photography, calls this one of the most beautiful weddings she's captured, and as you can see from the wedding photographs, she really did a superb job at collecting their memories in her lens. The flowers and wedding décor were done by Szoosh, our in-house décor specialist, and fun fruit names were given to the tables at the wedding reception. Congratulations once again to this beautiful couple on your wedding and best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.

Some trivia, soon after Chéri and John Barrett got hitched at Intundla, another John Barrett got married on the other side of the world in Georgia, USA.

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Intundla Wedding Venue - Symbolic Meaning of Wedding Traditions

The real meaning behind wedding traditions

Today we may not think twice about ordering the confetti or embarking on a ‘treasure hunt’ to ensure we have all the traditional items for the wedding. Despite being fun to make sure you have something borrowed or blue, these traditions symbolize more than good fortune for your wedding and a happy-ever-after with your partner.

Something Old
Generally, an item of jewellery shows that despite changing your surname, you are intend stay connected to the family and are honouring your roots.

Something New
If you buy something then you are showing that you have plans for the future. Wearing something new to the wedding is for good fortune.

Something Borrowed
When someone lends you one of their possessions it is because they trust you to take care of it and return it in good condition.  It symbolises a bond, relationship and support from your friends that will endure beyond your wedding.

Something Blue
This will most likely be a garter and although you need to flash some leg for the guests to see that you are keeping the tradition, it actually symbolises faithfulness and loyalty.

And some money in your shoe
This is not to stop you from making a clean getaway in case you have second thoughts before the wedding. Putting money in your shoe is to wish you wealth on your new journey.

The gift of a ring
The wedding rings are exchanged to symbolise never-ending immortal love. Placing it on the ring finger comes from the ancient belief that there is a vein on that finger, the Vena Amoris, which flows directly to the heart.

Throwing of confetti
As the couple departs the chapel, the guests shower the couple (traditionally) with seeds or grain, blessing the union to be as fruitful and fertile as the seeds themselves.

Need more wedding charms?

Book your Wedding at Intundla for our wonderful Game Lodge Charm

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Team Building Venue Pretoria

Team building for resourcefulness gives you the competitive edge

When we think about what we want from a Team Building Activity, it is usually in terms of our existing team’s situation, such as increased productivity, or better communication. But why not aim higher and go for building a resourceful team?  Resourcefulness is arguably the most useful and important trait for a team to have, especially in times of recession or high competition. A resourceful team is driven, innovative and committed to working together in pursuit of success.

Leveraging possibilities
A resourceful team is able to approach a situation with an open mind and positive attitude. Change is embraced and opportunities are identified and value is found in people and suggested ideas.

Confident and capable
A resourceful team is built on the back of achievements. Through achieving, they are confident in their abilities to tackle any situation. They know their strengths and weaknesses and are capable of using both to their advantage.

Positive solvers
Being self-assured, solutions are forthcoming and are more likely to be creative or simply ingenious. Going into a situation believing that a positive solution will be found, ensures that it is only a matter of time before the best solution comes to light.

Carpe diem
There is never a perfect moment to seize the day. If we wait for everything to be perfect then we will undoubtedly have to wait forever. A resourceful team will create the perfect moment from an imperfect situation.

At Intundla there are a multitude of Team Building Activities that will help you develop a resourceful team. Our raft building challenge or the float a car challenge are ideal for teaching teams that they are capable of achieving extraordinary results from a few simple tools.

Need a competitive edge?

Come to Intundla and start building a resourceful team

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The Best way to reward your team is with a Boma Evening

What a year this has been. A lot has happened at Intundla this year, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. Some of the things that have stayed the same is our loyalty to our clients, our devotion to make every single guest at Intundla a happy guest, and our dedication to keep making Intundla a better place to come to, whether you come for a Conference, Team building, a Wedding, or just a leisure trip with a bit of pampering at the Spa.

What kind of year have you had? What changes have you seen in your organisation? What growth have you seen in your team? Chances are, that a lot has happened in your year, in your organisation, and in your team. For some this might have been more intense, and you might feel that you could achieve more and want to change the way you work together in the future. This is the best time to start strategizing for 2017 and close 2016 off with your feet already on the starting block for the year to come.

How do you reward the people that matter most in your organisation? The best way to help people respond to change and deal with change, is to keep them motivated.

Some of the best moments are shared around the fire at Intundla’s Boma, perfect for evening drumming, year-end dinners or simply enjoying nature around you with the people that matter most.

Book now you (and your team) will be so glad you did.

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The Alternative Bridal Party

This is your BIG day and you can’t imagine your wedding day without your best friends by your side. Traditionally the bridesmaids and groomsmen are picked to be your support group, your A-team, your wedding day front line. They get to wear bridesmaid dresses that look the same and stand by your side at the altar. And mostly those bridesmaid dresses are a fit all sizes .. but they never do!

We’ve looked at alternative ways to make your wedding unique and still include all your besties, while at the same time making them feel special.

Instead of having a bridal party up at the altar in matching attire, ask your best mates to wear a certain colour so they stand out at your wedding. They will feel treasured and you can even mention them in the program.

Don’t be limited by the age or gender of your bridal party. There is no rule that all of a bride’s best friends need to be women around her age, so why leave out your best bud who happens to be male, or that dear old lady that has stood by you through your whole life, even though she is 30 years older than you.

If you have too many best friends and choosing just a few for your bridal party seems impossible, invite all your best friends to get ready with you the morning of your wedding, they can even ride with you to the ceremony and then can take their seats in a reserved row behind your family. This way you get to include them all and they will be thrilled to play an important role at your wedding.

We have the best in-house Wedding Coordinators to offer help and advice with all your Wedding needs.

Image courtesy

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What do people REALLY say about Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa?

If you've never been to Intundla, in the heart of the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve, you might wonder if it is worth the trip? Well apart from the fact that we are really close to Pretoria, not far from OR Tambo or Lanseria Airport, and even closer to the Wonderboom Airport .. but wait, don't take our word, see what our recent guests have to say:

Awesome quick morning away

We recently visited Intundla for a breakfast and spa. The lodge is close-by Pretoria and about the last 3km is a dirt road which is well maintained and suitable for normal sedan vehicles. The staff were welcoming and we were served coffee within a couple of minutes after arrival. The breakfast itself was great and one could see that the staff really do care about their work. The pool and surrounding area was cleaned with lots of passion. Outside the pool overlooks a dam and the accommodation. The spa is about 200m from the breakfast area and one can drive there if need be. The spa itself is a very relaxing area and the staff managed to not swap my kidneys around (thanks!) Thanks Intundla for a very special morning!

Excellent Service

I cannot say thank you enough! I was treated as I was the only person there (although there was about 100 other guests) Service, room, spa,setting.... everything great! Thank you to Cindy and her team (especially Neo and Maria). Cant wait for my next visit.

Putting "service" in "service-delivery

A tremendous, heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us at Mensa SA, who attended the National Gathering, and in particular the Pretoria Committee, who had the honour of working with you on this event. I have seldom come across a team of dedicated, service-driven, friendly personnel such as yours. They are competent, efficient, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. We were blown away by your great service, and will forever be grateful for that. Your venue was absolutely gorgeous. I even had two guests comment that they were considering having their next team building conferences at Intundla, because they fell in love with the place. Thank you for the stunning accommodation, the wonderful treats and eats from your Magic Kitchen and for the effort you put into dressing up the Hippo Hall for our Western-themed dinner. It was stunning and helped turn this event into one of the most successful AGM's we have ever had. (Cowboy) Hats off to you! Thank you for the friendly way in which you have accommodated our various requests and for letting everything run so smoothly. I will definitely recommend your venue and your team to any and everybody I come across. You guys are the absolute best. Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

Still not convinced? Come see for yourself.

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The most Romantic Wedding Venue in Gauteng

This magnificent Lodge and place we call home is very dear to our hearts. There is just something magical about it. Perhaps the magic comes from all the vows that have been said here, all the promises made, all the love declared ...

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Team Building Near Pretoria

Breaking the team spirit – why you can’t tell your employees off

From a management perspective, teams that persistently do a bad job are just asking to be told off. Especially, when the employees have been given the benefit of the doubt and come up short of expectations time and again, it is natural to want to have a bit of a vent session. Which is frustratingly exactly the wrong thing to do.

There is only one winner
Rounding the miscreants up and embarking on an epic vent session only helps to make the speaker feel better.  After feeling incompetent, guilty, unappreciated the people on the receiving end will begin to get irritated.

The predictable fallout
Naturally, once the vent session is over the parties involved will band together and discuss what happened at length. The responsibility of the bad performance will be attributed to the manager's shortcomings or external factors. The group is now in a negative space, they are unlikely to acknowledge their role or accept responsibility for their actions.

The bad performance will only get worse
A rift will grow between the management and the employees as a them-and-us culture is created. Bad feelings and grudges will be nurtured as employees continue to be moaned at, or remain aware of the manager’s annoyance. This will all end up negatively affecting  the overall day to day working environment and can even spread to other teams.

And the cycle repeats
As a result of the affected working environment, the poor performance will get worse as the employees are less and less invested in their tasks.And once again the group will be rounded up for another vent session, perpetuating the cycle.

Need to repair a broken team?

Come to Intundla - the perfect Team Building getaway

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Visit Intundla as part of the Dinokeng Game Reserve

Cant believe i took this? #giraffe #dinokeng #dinokenggamereserve #southafrica

A photo posted by Rebecca Dickson? (@rebe_cat_) on

Natural bush veld – This is not a commercial game reserve but has the feeling of natural bush veld inhabited by species that have always lived here. The reserve is a mixture of private homes , lodges and large tracts of grassland or thorn veld, crisscrossed by roads of differing quality, with frequent spottings of zebra, kudu and other antelope and the occasional giraffe.

Less than 120km from the center of Johannesburg is the Dinokeng Game Reserve, this reserve is a collection of privately own lodges, and the only free roaming Big 5 Game Reserve in the province.  This fabulous reserve is near Hamanskraal and features a self-drive route which allows those who like to navigate their own way through the bushveld to do just that.

Although this is a Big 5 Reserve you cannot expect to find them all in one day, but they are around in small numbers, the elephants and buffalo may be encountered in large groups because of their tendencies to form herds, and there is an impressive variety of other large animals to be spotted such as giraffe, zebra, eland, kudu, blesbok, impala and warthog.

Over 300 species of birds have been recorded in the greater Dinokeng area, and for us, the most exciting birds at present are a pair of Martial Eagles, they are a rarity in Gauteng and Eagles generally raise only a single chick every year.

The dam at Intundla offers a perfect viewpoint and is a watering hole to many animals like Kudu, Warthog, and Meerkat as seen in the video below.

We watched a whole bunch of Meerkat’s coming to have some much needed water this afternoon. They are incredibly cute! #meerkat #bushliving #intundla #animalsofintundla

Posted by Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Monday, 17 October 2016

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