Bring the bride and groom closer together with some fun wedding games

At Intundla wedding venue near Pretoria, we feel that the idyllic surroundings and scenery can only help to intensify the feel-good wedding feelings. And with so much joy and love in the air when celebrating their happy union on the wedding day the bride and groom couldn’t hope to get any closer or could they?

Try some of these fun wedding games that bring the bride and groom closer – a little like Team Building but at a wedding

Kissing Game
The rules are that the bride and groom have to kiss when one of the following occurs (the better the performance the longer the kiss): Whenever…
* the wedding couple gets asked a newlywed trivia question by a guest
* a table sings a clip from a love song for the couple
* a guest tells a joke or does something that makes the couple laugh
* a story is shared that involves both the bride and groom
* someone gives the bride and groom marriage advice

The shoe game
This is a great icebreaker for the wedding couple and the guests as everyone can get involved.
See our related article for more on how this game works

Bride or Groom
Divide the wedding party into two groups – one male and the other female. Have two types of signs made up one type with “Bride” the other with “Groom”.  Start asking ‘who’ questions such as who will snore the most? Or who will spend the most? And let the guests decide by lifting up their signs to select the one who will be ‘most guilty’.

Feeding the bride and groom
Place the bride in a chair, and place a blindfold on the groom. Escort him a short distance away, spin him and place a banana or something easy to eat in his hand. He now has to feed his bride by following her instructions for locating her. Swap positions and place a piece of cake or something messy to eat in the brides' hand and see how the groom reacts to having guide the bride in with her messy morsel.

The usual suspect
Find out how well the groom knows his bride. Blindfold the groom and then line up a mixed bag of willing guests, ranging from young to old male and female.  Let the groom make his way along the line of ‘brides’ and try to find the real bride amongst the decoys.



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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Michelle & Trevor’s Wedding Weekend

Michelle and Trevor celebrated their wedding day at Intundla on the 9th July 2016 and were blessed with the perfect weather for an open air bush ceremony. Not only did the 80 + guests have a wonderful time, the staff at Intundla loved all their dealings with the Bridal party, family and friends. We are always so happy when the wedding party has the very best experience with us at Intundla as it is exactly what we all strive for.

Review from Tripadvisor

“Michelle and Trevor's wedding 9 July 2016”

I don't think I can say enough good things about this venue! My daughter got married there on 9 July 2016 and it was amazing!
10 of us arrived on the Friday so we could relax and not have to rush the next day. They had arranged a special dinner in the Wine cellar for us. It was an excellent meal with a soup starter and fish and babootie with veg for main and a delicious dessert.The service was excellent.
Breakfast was ready for us at 730 as the hairdresser was due at 8am and it was excellent. The honeymoon suite was chaos with 5 bridesmaids 2 flower girls and their Moms myself and the grooms mom all being made beautiful by Lara our wonderful hairdresser and Gelise and her partner doing excellent makeup. Champagne and lunch were delivered and much appreciated.
Teneale from Szoosh decor did an excellent job on the decor in both the Hippo function venue and the lawn where we held the ceremony. I highly recommend this lady. Perhaps check her Facebook Page.
Faith our wedding planner deserves a special mention. She was always available and ready to help with all requests and queries, no matter how silly they were. Michelle's 5 bridesmaids forgot to help her with her dress and train in their rush to get to the ceremony, but Faith was there to help. What a wonderful person!
The reception was well run and the food was amazing. The soup starter arrived on time and the buffet mains were very tasty and well presented. The malva dessert was just what we needed. The food for the kids was served to them personally and was ideal meals for small kids. The special diet food was also much appreciated.
On the Sunday morning , all our guests were complimenting us on our choice of venue and how well everything went. Breakfast for 80+ guests all at the same time on Sunday was well organised and ran smoothly. Thank you so much to Faith and the team at Intundla for a wonderful wedding and perfect weekend. Every small detail was attended to- the temperature drops quite dramatically at night, but the efficient staff went to all the rooms in the evenings and turned on the heaters and closed curtains so the rooms were warm when we returned much later. Hot water bottles were also provided

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Simple but useful insights before you start planning your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be very stressful at times. Worrying about the wedding dress, the guest list, and the wedding venue, every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. The truth is that you are not alone and that most brides and grooms have the same worries. Here are some insights to eliminate that wedding planning stress, or at least reduce it.

○ Find inspiration for your wedding in magazines, articles, on the internet, etc. (Look at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa Facebook page or ask  Szoosh our in-house Décor Specialist)

○ Always try to work together, as bride and groom, on your wedding budget.

○ When planning your wedding guest list, remember to prioritize the guests.

○ Hire a validated professional wedding photographer, or alternatively, at the very least choose a good camera.

○ Book a wedding venue that compliments the rest of your wedding. You will remember this Day for the rest of your life.

At Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa we have a Beautiful Wedding Chapel that will make your wedding memorable. We also have a reputation for stunning and glamorous weddings, mouth-watering cuisine, an absolute idyllic honeymoon suite, and ample accommodation for your wedding guests.

Why wait any longer?

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A Quick Focus on the Groom’s Fashion (with wonderful pictures)

Sometimes it can be difficult for a guy to decide on what he should wear to his wedding. With the “metro man” now being popular, men do not really want to wear the conventional wedding suit anymore. Apart from the wedding clothes, the photographs are also important as this is the beginning of a lifetime of memories that are being made.

Have a look at these wonderful pictures of grooms and their wedding attire. Each of them has a different look but remain true to their unique personality. Another important aspect here is where their photographs and where it is taken. It is clear that the bush look in the background compliments their style. 

The classic formal grooms look


A photo posted by Groom's Fashion (@groomsfashion) on

This “classic look” suit clearly doesn’t go out of style. Always being reinvented with the latest fashions but remaining timeless at its very core .


Stylish woven cloth suits


A photo posted by Groom's Fashion (@groomsfashion) on

The orange flower adds a nice touch and brings the grey colour of the suit to life and the weaves in the fabric add depth and texture.


Groomsmen all sporting the same style shoes


A photo posted by Groom's Fashion (@groomsfashion) on

A step away from the traditional “groom with black shoes”, this contrasting but duplicated style adds interest and lightens the tone for the groom and groomsmen.


If you decide to wear a tie...make a splash


A photo posted by Groom's Fashion (@groomsfashion) on

The colour purple has been associated with royalty, and this tie does its justice. It also adds a striking compliment enhancing the groom's buttonhole flowers.


Pimped up the three-piece suit


A photo posted by Groom's Fashion (@groomsfashion) on

This image shows a spectacular way to pull off the three-piece suit look. However, make sure you don't outshine the bride on the day!


Soften the formal “wedding day” look by adding something casual


A photo posted by Groom's Fashion (@groomsfashion) on

This is a great outfit for those grooms that don’t want to get into the traditional wedding suit.

Whatever the fashion style of the groom, with the beautiful landscapes at our Game Lodge as the backdrop, you can have your perfect wedding at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa. 

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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Hein & Lorette’s Golden Sunflower Wedding

Hein & Lorette – 16 April 2016

Hein and Lorette, two professionals from Pretoria, celebrated their Wedding Day at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa just outside Pretoria, on a glorious autumn day in the Dinokeng Bushveld. Their love for each other blossomed like the golden yellow that radiated from the Sunflowers they chose for their wedding. Because they had the Lodge exclusively for their wedding, the bride and groom and their bridesmaids and groomsmen, could all get ready at the lodge. Watch the video for scenes of when they enter the Chapel and the couple's first dance as husband and wife.

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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings, Nature and Sunsets

For any bride one of the best moments is when you finally get your wedding photos. Looking through all your photos and studying every little detail, brings back memories of your big day, and with this, the wonderful emotions and feelings come flooding through and you actually relive your wedding day. This happens every time you look at your photos, and those feelings never fade as you look at them on your anniversary, year after year after year. Intundla Game Lodge and Wedding Venue just outside Pretoria is the most picturesque venue, where you are surrounded by nature, bushveld, gorgeous sunsets and just pure bliss. Your photographer will be able to capture the beauty and glory of your wedding day for you to treasure for the rest of your life. Patrick Furter did just that with these stunning photos from Scott and Tamarin’s Wedding here at Intundla on March 19th.

Firstly we just wanted to thank you for everything, we really had the most incredible day ever! None of it would have been possible without your help. Scott and I really appreciated everything you did for us leading up to the wedding and especially on the day. Your team was amazing and the food was phenomenal!! Everyone was so happy and had such a great time.” – Tamarin Perks

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Gauteng Wedding Venue: Real Weddings Captured Love Story

Nothing makes us happier than to witness a beautiful wedding at our Game Lodge, Intundla Wedding Venue in Gauteng. And of course, add a brilliant photographer to the mix and you get a Captured Love Story. Jaco and Alichia recently got married at Intundla and what a wonderful and spontaneous couple to work with. It was an absolute pleasure getting the décor ready for their big day, their theme was Silver, sequin and blush pink, which we combined with Proteas, Hydrangeas, and Roses. The wedding photographer, JC Crafford, didn’t just manage to capture the day and Jaco and Alichia’s wedding, but also the very essence of who they are and their shared love. As wedding photographers, it is clear where their passion lies.


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Honeymoon ideas after your Wedding at Intundla

After your first few days at Intundla Wedding Venue, only 55 minutes from OR Tambo/Johannesburg and 30 minutes from Pretoria, where you've spend some quality time with your partner, canoeing, going on romantic game drives, abseiling to new adventures and sipping those cocktails into the sunset – why not make your way further into our beautiful country and explore some more of what we have to offer.

South Africa offers some of the world’s top travel cities & experiences, and is also perfect for your honeymoon!


An all-time favourite under local South Africans, Knysna is a truly beautiful place. The mountains, lagoon, Heads & sea and off course the Knysna forest…

Knysna offers something for everyone: from 5-star hotels, cozy tree-top huts with outdoor bath/shower facilities, chalets overlooking the lagoon or self-catering accommodation. And, try as you may, you’ll never get around to doing everything there is here!

Must-do: Take a guided walk through the forest. Yes, with a guide, as this is the only way you’ll get to see the truly magical places, that’s just slightly off the usual track.


Situated just outside of Durban, Umhlanga is the hot-spot on the Kwazulu-Natal coast. It boasts beautiful white sandy beaches and, lucky for the visitors, some warmer ocean waters!

Again, a favourite among locals, Umhlanga caters for everyone. A close drive to one of the biggest shopping experiences in Africa, Internationally acclaimed uShaka Marine World and surrounded by the natural beauty of plantations, forests, lagoons & nature reserves.

Must-do: Low cost, high romantic score… Take a sunset stroll along the O’Conner promenade and pick any one of the fancy restaurants to spoil your new partner.

Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding at Intundla and of course, happy honeymooning!


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Destination Wedding: Gauteng, South Africa

I know every bride has reached this point at some time:

                I wish we could just run away and get married already!

Then perhaps a destination wedding is for you.

Destination weddings have been popular for many years (even decades) – hosting your dream day at your dream location, be it white beaches, woody forests or the beautiful South African bushveld. It’s a chance for a total dream experience, not just that one perfect day.

All the reason to just do it!

Most venues (like here at Intundla Wedding Venue) offer a fully packaged deal: We provide accommodation, venues for the ceremony & reception, catering, décor & a full planning service. It’s the perfect solution to making your day hassle free.

Some venues will also organise activities for your guests to enjoy while ‘on holiday’ for your wedding, to make their trip extra special too.

And while you’re here – enjoy a spa experience with your friends & family!

Keep in mind that your wedding will probably be on the small side as some guests may not be able to afford the travel, but there are various options to get the most out of this:

1) This is the perfect ‘excuse’ not to invite your second-cousin-removed-on-your-dad’s-brother’s-wife’s-side… “It’s just a small wedding, sorry.”

2) With a shorter guest list, you could opt to push additional funds into your ceremony or reception. Or you could ensure the important people do get to join you, by helping fund their travel costs. Or do both!

Here’s the ultimate reason for a destination wedding:

You can do it anywhere in the world! Anywhere you heart desires… and no further travelling required because you’re already at your honeymoon destination!

Now sit back, sip your cocktail, and enjoy a beautiful day overlooking the splendour that Intundla Game Lodge Wedding Venue offers.

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Wedding Favour Flavours

Party (wedding) favours used to be reserved for wealthy European aristocrats only but are these days considered the norm at any wedding. (And it may even be frowned upon if there aren’t any favours for your guests!)

Originally these aristocrats would gift each of their guests with a bonbonniere – a small box of crystal, porcelain or other precious stone containing sugar lumps.Soon the most common favour became almonds, even to the general public, which then turned to sugared almonds. This gift is said to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health & happiness and the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

But it has been a long time since almonds were trendy…

There is a big variety of modern wedding favours, and each bride (I can assure you) wants to be unique, even with these little gifts.


From champagne flutes, tiny eats in the form of chocolates, fudge or Turkish delight, a candle, a brooch or other trinket. The favour may either be a safe-keep to remind your guests of your big day or a simple “thank you for joining us”. Decide what it is you want to convey – should it last a long time, or is it for immediate enjoyment?

So many options!

Examples of gifts to serve as a reminder include engraved champagne flutes, scented candle with a special design, music compilation of songs that you danced to at the reception.

Quick treats that wow include handcrafted cookies, macaroons, or a simple glass jar filled with candy.

Make sure, though, that it suits your style/theme.

Whatever you decide on, don’t keep them in the back room for later – you will probably spend a considerable time on perfecting them, so why not include them in your table setting or décor. They’ll brighten up your wedding & the hearts of your guests!

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Trendy or Classic Wedding?

Choose your style and choose it wisely… it will forever be locked in your memory and photographs.

But these days there are so many to choose from, so many trends to keep up with, and they may not all be to your taste.

A touch of the whimsical

Think magical lighting, soft hues of colour, flowers that remind you of fairy gardens and little girl daydreams. All things that are easily relatable to a classical wedding.

Easy solutions to breaking the classical mould: just add little mismatched vases, bowls & urns (maybe even a teacup!) for your flower arrangements; add fairy lights or hanging lanterns to outdoor areas or antiques to your venue décor. You could even add a little chiffon to a classical gown to give it that sweepy fairy look.

A splash of colour

Bright colours are the fashion trend at the moment. Using bright colours in your wedding can create a bold, creative statement, but be careful with this one – too much can definitely go wrong!

Quick fix to add a little fun: choose shoes with brightly coloured soles, or paint them yourself and match yours with your partner’s! Off-set your white gown with a bright bouquet, colourful bridesmaids dresses and ties (& socks!) for the groomsmen.

An ocean of white, white, white

Go totally understated – go all out on white!

Crystal glasses & damask table clothes laid with white settings. Crisp linen, roses, bubbles and pearls. Keeping things white seems too easy – even grooms are catching on!

Go out and plan the wedding that reflects who you are – take a trend and twist it for yourself.

The trick is to stay understated – resist getting carried away, and you’ll have an elegant, classical, totally-you wedding!

At Intundla Wedding Venue, we have our own in-house décor specialist that will help bring all your décor ideas to life! Intundla is only 30 minutes from Pretoria in an absolute gorgeous Bush setting.

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Things you don’t expect on your big day

So, you’ve just spent months, if not years, planning this day. You’ve found the perfect partner, you’re SO in love – your big day has arrived!

Your wedding will probably be all you had hoped it will be, and so much more, but, after all, is said & done, you may feel a little – disappointed…? Here are some reality checks, just to let you know you are not alone.

You will probably miss out on a whole lot of things.

Your wedding day is all about you. You will be taking the most beautiful photographs in your gorgeous outfits, you will be talking and interacting with all your guests. And while this is happening, other things are happening too!

Most couples choose to serve an entrée to their guests while they are off modelling in front of the camera, but we don’t always think about the fact that you won’t be there.

Keep this in mind: Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and unity shared with all your guests. It is important for your guests to enjoy themselves throughout – even if you have to catch up on all the stories after your honeymoon.

You will be tired!

You’d probably been too excited to sleep properly the night before, had been up early enjoying a big breakfast and all the pampering. Nap time will not happen, and by the time you’re having dinner with your guests, you are either exhausted or running on adrenaline already.

Keep this in mind: Enjoy the ride while you can! And when you are done partying, joyfully depart on your own terms.

Do not plan a long drive to your first night’s stay-over, and don’t build up major expectations of your wedding night – fatigue might win this battle, but this should not be the cause of disappointment for either of you.

Now, breathe – it’s all good. You’re not alone

If you get married at Intundla Wedding Venue, just outside of Pretoria, we take care of all your Wedding AND Accommodation needs.


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Post Wedding Blues – Survival Tips for the poor Groom

First off for the guys – Post Wedding Blues is real and not imagined (even though it is all in the bride’s head). It is somewhat like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and even has its own acronym PND (Post-Nuptial Depression). The day of glory is over, there is no more planning to be done and reality clashes with expectations. The wedding dream that has been nurtured lovingly since girlhood has to be put away like a favourite comforter that has now been outgrown. So as the rose coloured glasses are removed, the groom often gets caught square in the crosshairs of everything that does not meet with the dreamed of expectations. If you have anything left in your bag of tricks guys, now is the time to dig deep and do some fancy tap-dancing.

Don’t panic it’s not you…hopefully

Chances are that now the penguin suit is back under wraps, the dashing groom has lost some of his fantasy sparkle. Your eyes no longer twinkle so brightly, when you smile the earth doesn’t shift and your touch doesn’t make her heart flutter. Keep your posture and stay positive, be supportive and understanding and stick to calm soothing words and expressions.  Don’t patronise, understate or offer solutions or possible causes of her Post-Nuptial Depression (like the embarrassing best man’s speech or the two gifted toasters when you already had one).

Get her to talk about it

This is not something that feels natural to guys – talking about our issues to others. But she wants to discuss it at length and so be gentle, supportive and allow her to talk about being sad. Let her know that what she is feeling is normal and that it is OK to be feeling this way after the wedding.  Make sure she knows you are on her side now… keeping family disputes/bias/opinions out of the discussions at all times (never, ever say something like “my mom said you are a bit too sensitive or were being a bit unrealistic”).

Don’t let her stew in the misery

The most anticipated day has passed but don’t let her mope around morning the past and comparing how she is feeling now to how she expected to feel. When caught in the grip of Post-Nuptial Depression, nothing will look like the expected fairy tale ending.  Get out instead and do newly married couple stuff. Experience new things and be as romantic as possible to break the depression cycle. Talk about the future as a newly married couple and all the fantastic things you will do as a couple – dream a bit together.

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5 Signs he is in Love with you

I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you’re yet to be.

  1. He wants to show you all his favourite spots

One of the first signs that he’s in love with you is when he starts taking you to all his favourite places. He takes you to restaurants where he loves to dine, he takes you to his best hideouts from childhood. Places that are almost sacred to him, he feels this need to share with you. Go along with it, even if camping is not your thing, you can learn a great deal about him as he shares with you what means most to him.

  1. It’s important to him that you meet his family and friends

Unless he doesn’t get along with his family (and this should be a warning sign), a guy that doesn’t want to introduce you to his family is probably not that into you. It is natural for us, when we fall in love, to want to share what we love. This includes his family and friends. It is much more than wanting their approval, and more about wanting yours. Don’t be afraid to meet his family, he’s most likely already told them a great deal about you, of course painting you in the best possible light.

  1. He finds you funny

Those strange quirks and habits you have, the way you leave your favourite food on your plate till last, the way your mouth moves more on one side when you talk, these are the things he feels endeared to and can’t get enough of. If a guy laughs at all your jokes no matter how lame, then it’s a sure clue that he is in love.

  1. He wants to spend time with you

You are his favourite part of the day. He’ll cancel plans to be with you, even it means missing out on a long-standing arrangement. He’ll escort you to a boring function just to be with you, and he starts looking forward to those mundane errands, as long as he can do them with you. If you stay up till daybreak just talking, then he’s probably in love with you.

  1. You’re in his future

You’ll notice the I gets replaced with we. And when he talks about the future, you’re right there in it with him. He includes you in the Christmas plans for the following year and starts planning with you when he learns about his much-loved music band visiting the country, even though it is months away.

Soon he’ll go down on one knee … when he does you know where to find the best Wedding Venue in Gauteng. Intundla Wedding Venue, boasting a beautiful Chapel, mouth-watering Cuisine, and an idyllic Honeymoon Suite. We also have ample accommodation for your wedding guests who wish to linger longer to share this memorable occasion with you.

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How you can tell if you’ve fallen in Love

I fell in love with you not for how you look, just for who you are. (Although you look pretty great too)

 Love is a blissful state of being, a feeling that is hard to describe, but something that is known to many. If you’ve never been in love, you’ve met the girl, how do you know that you’re in love? Love is very different for every person, but there are some sure signs that this is love.

She’s on your mind

From the second you wake up she’s on your mind. You think about her while you brush your teeth, and when you take a glimpse in the mirror you’re wearing a sheepish smile. It is hard to focus on your work and you find yourself daydreaming and staring at your computer screen. Not much work gets done. You write her name in the butter while making a sandwich. If you can’t shake the thought of her, you are probably smitten.

Anything she asks, she gets

Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to this girl. You suddenly find yourself doing things that you never thought you’d do for any girl. You make her coffee (and up to now you don’t even make your own), you rub her feet for hours, and you’ll even wash her car! All it takes is one look and your resistance crumbles.

Hearing her voice is like breathing fresh air

You phone her just to hear her voice. You’ve just seen her and have nothing new to say, but you’ll do anything just to hear her voice again. Talking to her fills a void, a hole bigger than Kimberley’s gat, that you didn’t know you had until now. It doesn’t matter what she tell you as long as she speaks. You hang on her lips and will easily swallow a fly if you don’t watch yourself. If you can’t stop staring at her lips and how they move, then you’re probably in love.

She makes you want to be a better person

This is one of the surest signs and easiest to spot. You want to be better, achieve more and reach for the stars. Never before have you had this passion and drive to become the man your dear mother always wished you were. You invite her to your local sports club when you play a friendly game with the boys, and talk about pressure! Your instinct is to perform. If you’re glancing at her over your shoulder throughout the game, then you sure are in love.

The next step, of course, will be to ask the big question. Things happen quicker than you know and you’ll be needing a Wedding Venue soon … Intundla Wedding Venue in Gauteng, beautiful, picturesque, the perfect location for your dream wedding.

Have you already asked the Big Question?

Maybe it's time you say I DO

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Are dramatic wedding proposals overrated? – Gauteng Wedding Venue

We see it every year in the latest round of commercial romantic wedding films. Boy meets girl has a few issues to sort out and then nearly loses the girl, but at the end comes to his senses and rushes in like a white knight to sweep her off her feet.
We are left feeling all warm and fuzzy and this fuels those daydreams about how we want to be proposed to.  Do a quick search in YouTube and you will find further fuel for the imagination.  YouTube is a mine of self-documented proposals ranging from choreographed dances (flash mobs), magic tricks or public displays of devotion.
A girl can really get her expectations up when she feels that a proposal is imminent. Are we so desensitized by the media that a proposal has to take months of practice and involve a crew of dancers for it to be acceptable?
Defending the classical approach
Although not as flashy or dramatic the classical approach does have more opportunity to add more heart. Engaging in some deep meaningful conversation, gazing into each other’s eyes and really feeling the connection as lovers, before going down on bended knee and popping the question.
Granted  the dramatic proposal may well get a spontaneous, surprised “yes” but when the shock wears off the decision may be given more scrutiny. The beauty of the classic approach is that as the romance intensifies, the gazes smoulder both parties deeply understand their undertaking when it comes to asking and accepting.

She said yes!

Need a Wedding Venue in Gauteng?

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Wedding jitters – is it all just in your head?

The big day looms, all the wedding planning has been done and soon it will be show time! This is where the nerves begin to jangle and we may begin to look for a plausible exit strategy or two. Not acting on the devised get away plan and showing up for the big day is normal as is the wedding jitters themselves.

Reality bites
The wedding bliss dream gets more and more reality injected into it as the bride and groom come to closer to tying the knot. This is understandable as they are under immense pressure and stress leading up to the wedding. So it is natural that there will be a few chinks in the veneer, some irritation and tension in the air and even the odd heated exchange.  It is important to remember who you two are and the reasons for getting married before you both became temporarily unhinged by the wedding preparations.

Losing the singular to become a plural
Even if you have been together or engaged for years it is natural to fear for the impending loss of your ‘single status’. All those things you could have done if you wanted to but never did and now can’t because you are getting married. Remember that if you never got to it when you were single, it probably would never have happened anyway. So there is no reason now to morn it’s loss.

Performance anxiety
Standing up in front of your peers and professing your love formally at church and then again at the reception, will have most people drenched in nervous sweat.  Public speaking is considered more terrifying than dying by some. And so you may well feel like your life is ending or wish it was. With a bit of luck you will say all the right words, everyone will praise your speech and you will have to watch the video to recover from the performance induced amnesia. Oh and don’t worry about the wedding night.
Remember that our ancestors had it worse when the wedding had to be consummated in front of the family.

Word to the wise
If you are having pre-wedding jitters, don't share this with your intended. Within the emotionally charged existence leading up to the wedding your confession may be very badly received. Rather find a calm person, wise person to confide your pre-wedding anxieties with.

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