Build confidence at the workplace

Build confidence at the workplace

Striving to Build Confidence at work is a lifelong challenge. Contrary to the relative safety of being nurtured by our parents and teachers, the workplace offers little special attention where competition for recognition is fierce, while criticism is freely given. Given that we have to learn at an accelerated rate, mainly through trial and error, it is how we handle the mistakes that make or break our confidence in the workplace.

Look for opportunities to build confidence

Take recognition where and when you can and build confidence on a daily basis. Now you don’t need to go around the office bragging that you got your pin correct at the ATM, but recognise the little things that were achieved during the day – they all add up! When appropriate take the credit for something that you did well, that has been noticed (you can also subtly draw attention to your work that you consider praiseworthy).

Hold yourself accountable

By publicly ‘announcing’ that you are in charge of a given task or project and will ensure it’s completion in a timely manner, you are setting the stage to get recognition for a job well done. Announcing your goals in the workplace will make you seem more confident. Achieving the goals will make you feel more dynamic and build confidence.

Step forward into the limelight

When you keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, being the centre of attention will become less intimidating. Before a Team Building, office meeting, work function, etc. have a plan to make a significant contribution. Volunteer to be the team leader, offer some considered advice, network with your superiors. Taking the first step is important, so don’t falter or delay – step forward and build on your confidence first, before someone else does.

Confidence comes from personal development

Keep learning and benchmarking with the best in your field. By setting your sights high and actively striving to be like your favourite people of influence, your confidence will grow with your knowledge. Team Building is a fantastic tool for building confidence outside the workplace.
For example: Intundla’s raft building challenge offers a unique situation where leaders can rise in a team and be recognised for being problem solvers.

Confidence breeds confidence

You are not the only one at work who is struggling to build confidence. The workplace can be a negative environment where performance issues, mistakes, quickly come under attack from peers and superiors. Take the negative out of the criticism and treat the feedback as a challenge and a chance to grow. Rather than being another of the ones dragging others down, be the agent of change and look for opportunities to lift team members up.

Build a confident team

Team Building at Intundla will take the confidence of your team to the next level

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