Intundla wedding venue near Pretoria - the wedding shoe game

Bring the bride and groom closer together with some fun wedding games

At Intundla wedding venue near Pretoria, we feel that the idyllic surroundings and scenery can only help to intensify the feel-good wedding feelings. And with so much joy and love in the air when celebrating their happy union on the wedding day the bride and groom couldn’t hope to get any closer or could they?

Try some of these fun wedding games that bring the bride and groom closer – a little like Team Building but at a wedding

Kissing Game
The rules are that the bride and groom have to kiss when one of the following occurs (the better the performance the longer the kiss): Whenever…
* the wedding couple gets asked a newlywed trivia question by a guest
* a table sings a clip from a love song for the couple
* a guest tells a joke or does something that makes the couple laugh
* a story is shared that involves both the bride and groom
* someone gives the bride and groom marriage advice

The shoe game
This is a great icebreaker for the wedding couple and the guests as everyone can get involved.
See our related article for more on how this game works

Bride or Groom
Divide the wedding party into two groups – one male and the other female. Have two types of signs made up one type with “Bride” the other with “Groom”.  Start asking ‘who’ questions such as who will snore the most? Or who will spend the most? And let the guests decide by lifting up their signs to select the one who will be ‘most guilty’.

Feeding the bride and groom
Place the bride in a chair, and place a blindfold on the groom. Escort him a short distance away, spin him and place a banana or something easy to eat in his hand. He now has to feed his bride by following her instructions for locating her. Swap positions and place a piece of cake or something messy to eat in the brides' hand and see how the groom reacts to having guide the bride in with her messy morsel.

The usual suspect
Find out how well the groom knows his bride. Blindfold the groom and then line up a mixed bag of willing guests, ranging from young to old male and female.  Let the groom make his way along the line of ‘brides’ and try to find the real bride amongst the decoys.

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