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Breaking the team spirit – why you can’t tell your employees off

From a management perspective, teams that persistently do a bad job are just asking to be told off. Especially, when the employees have been given the benefit of the doubt and come up short of expectations time and again, it is natural to want to have a bit of a vent session. Which is frustratingly exactly the wrong thing to do.

There is only one winner
Rounding the miscreants up and embarking on an epic vent session only helps to make the speaker feel better.  After feeling incompetent, guilty, unappreciated the people on the receiving end will begin to get irritated.

The predictable fallout
Naturally, once the vent session is over the parties involved will band together and discuss what happened at length. The responsibility of the bad performance will be attributed to the manager's shortcomings or external factors. The group is now in a negative space, they are unlikely to acknowledge their role or accept responsibility for their actions.

The bad performance will only get worse
A rift will grow between the management and the employees as a them-and-us culture is created. Bad feelings and grudges will be nurtured as employees continue to be moaned at, or remain aware of the manager’s annoyance. This will all end up negatively affecting  the overall day to day working environment and can even spread to other teams.

And the cycle repeats
As a result of the affected working environment, the poor performance will get worse as the employees are less and less invested in their tasks.And once again the group will be rounded up for another vent session, perpetuating the cycle.

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