Aerial view of Intundla - Conference venue, meetings rooms and boma on right and accommodation chalets on left of dam

Boma Dinners & Year-End Functions at Intundla

Intundla is a must-do Year-end Venue of Choice

The end of the year is approaching fast and with that comes the final rush to get everything done in time – including getting ready for your year-end function. If you have not started planning one yet or booked your venue, then what are you waiting for?

Why have year-end functions?

Year-end functions are one of the few methods a company can use to encourage fellowship in the workplace.  It creates an opportunity for employees to communicated and learn about each other and management in informal casual ways – ways that would otherwise not be easy to plan.  It boosts moral amongst co-workers and encourages office spirit.  It is also a great way for owners and managers to show their appreciation for all the hard work, effort, loyalty and dedication that employees give each and every year. It is a small gesture that goes a really long way.

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Choose Intundla

We have created the perfect atmosphere and backdrop that will make your year-end function a memorable one.  We have an experienced coordinating team that is dedicated to helping you create the ideal event that you and your co-workers deserve.

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What we offer

Intundla has 9 conference areas that can easily convert into the perfect venue for your year-end function.  With staff on hand and resources at your disposal, your event can go off without any problems. Intundla is situated on a prime game reserve surrounding with our venue facilities located close enough to Pretoria’s main business district and yet far enough to give you a complete out-of-city experience. We pay careful attention to detail and will help you prepare for your big bash.

I've been here for conferences, trail runs and for relaxation. This place is amazing. Lots of entertainment. Staff is great. Lovely game drives. Beautiful pool and bar area. Would go back any day.

Inge Malan

Try something different

Why not plan a little something extra for your workforce?  At Intundla we also offer team building exercises that include activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, archery, paintball, canoe games and more.   These team building activities are a good way for your employees to have some fun and loosen up before the big event.

To book our venue, or to find out more about our team building exercises, send us an email.  You will have the time of your life!

Need a Smashing Year-end Party?

Intundla is your venue of choice
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