The Best way to reward your team is with a Boma Evening

What a year this has been. A lot has happened at Intundla this year, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. Some of the things that have stayed the same is our loyalty to our clients, our devotion to make every single guest at Intundla a happy guest, and our dedication to keep making Intundla a better place to come to, whether you come for a Conference, Team building, a Wedding, or just a leisure trip with a bit of pampering at the Spa.

What kind of year have you had? What changes have you seen in your organisation? What growth have you seen in your team? Chances are, that a lot has happened in your year, in your organisation, and in your team. For some this might have been more intense, and you might feel that you could achieve more and want to change the way you work together in the future. This is the best time to start strategizing for 2017 and close 2016 off with your feet already on the starting block for the year to come.

How do you reward the people that matter most in your organisation? The best way to help people respond to change and deal with change, is to keep them motivated.

Some of the best moments are shared around the fire at Intundla’s Boma, perfect for evening drumming, year-end dinners or simply enjoying nature around you with the people that matter most.

Book now you (and your team) will be so glad you did.

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